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North Africa

No description

CJ Davis

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of North Africa

North Africa
By: CJ and Nita Physical Geography Countries:
Relative Location:
North Africa, South of Europe and Asia Landforms:
The Nile River, Lake Nasser, The Suez Canal, The Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, and the Libyan Desert Climate:
Desert, Steppe, and Mediterranean Governments
Algeria-republic government
Egypt-republic government
Libya-governed by the populace through local counsils
Morocco-constitutional monarchy
Tunisia-republic government Traditional Peoples:
The Fellaheens that live along the Nile River (Egyptians)
They're peasants and farmers
They increase food productions but cannot keep pace
They live in poverty
Some farmers try to move to Alexandria or Cairo to escape poverty
Yes, the Fellaheens are having issues surviving in the modern world. They are poor and live in poverty.

I beleive that the government in North Africa is not effective. I think this because many of the countries in North Africa are living in poverty. Also, almost half of the Egyptian population can not read. There aren't many places in North Africa that are rich. Plus, in all of the countries in North Africa, the infant mortality rate is higher. That shows that many people can't pay for food for their infants. Poverty is a major issue in North Africa and obviously, the governments aren't doing anything about it. That's why I say the governments of North Africa aren't effective. Yes, we agree that we would like to visit this area today, and not just because it's somewhere new. Well, that is one of the reasons why, but there are other reasons why we would like to visit North Africa. One of the reasons is we would like to learn the ways of the North Africans, to learn their survival techniques. It must be hard for them to survive because they live in poverty. We also would like to see the landforms and wildlife that surrounds the North African people. We would like to learn about some of the legends and religious stories that make up a large part of the North African culture. Would we like to visit North Africa? Men in traditional clothes A ferry cruising down the Nile River in a modernized part of Egypt.
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