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The Tanga Health Project

No description

Kelly Mackey

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of The Tanga Health Project

A collaboration between the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio and the Anglican Diocese of Tanga With a goal of improving the quality of healthcare for people in the Tanga region Tanzania Tanga Ohio St. Raphael's Hospital Korogwe One of three hospitals in the Diocese of Tanga with a vision of becoming a diagnostic center for the region 68 beds 8+ buildings Offering services including inpatient, outpatient, maternity, diagnosis, surgery, and HIV treatment/management Dr. Damian J. Mpundu Medical Superintendent Strategy Leverage investments in equipment and training to build sustainable capabilities in their facilities with a focus on investments that lead to revenue generation and/or cost efficiencies 1 Improve standard of care to attract patients Safety | Comfort | Diagnostic Capabilities 2 Capitalize on local Public Private Partnerships Funding for non-medical staff, building renovations, and patient care programs (e.g. pregnant mothers & children under 5) 3 Address nursing shortage through training program Provides opportunity for young women and men in the rural community, provides an inexpensive labor source, and helps other hospitals in the region Success Shipped two MedWish containers Modernize operating theater Enhance care in maternity ward Improve diagnostic capabilities Teaching aids for nurse training Sent three medical + engineering teams Training | Implementation | Needs Assessment Founded nursing school Nursing Assistant | Certificate Nurse Teaching aids for skills laboratory
100 nursing assistant students enrolled
Just received provisional certification for certificate nurse program Signed new agreement with Korogwe Town Council Significantly increasing funding for 2013 Repurposing Medical Surplus Teaching Manikins Case Western School of Nursing retires manikins in favor of newer, more sophisticated models Because the manikins were still in very good condition, they were donated to MedWish International MedWish then matched the manikins to a project in need and soon they were being shipped off to Tanzania as part of a container shipment In their final home, the manikins will be used as teaching aids for the John Ramadhani School of Nursing in the Diocese of Tanga. The addition was one of many to the skills laboratory that helped the newly formed school achieve provisional certification to take their program to the next level Thus addressing the nursing shortage in the region and providing a strong career path for young adults in this rural area, particularly young women where there are few other choices They now have the only EKG in the region Next Steps Third MedWish container including supplies for other hospitals in Diocese
Investigate solutions that address infrastructure challenges with power and water
Address other potential projects, such as CD4 testing equipment for improved HIV/aids diagnostic capabilities
Foster parish-to-parish and young adult shared learning opportunities Why we do what we do? A child born by breech presentation A mother and child staying healthy through HIV management A 70-year old man made more comfortable www.TangaOhioConnection.Wordpress.com Follow Our Story: and a great team of nurses, doctors and administrators with support from
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