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Boy life of childhood , Rhold Dahl

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Boy life of childhood , Rhold Dahl

Repton high school 1929-1936
Roald's head master became Archbishop.
ST.Peters boarding school 1925-1929
In first trimester he faked having appendicitis so he could go home.
Kindergarten 1920-1923
Roald Dahl's tales of childhood
Roald's oldest sister Astri died when she was only 7 and Roald was 3.
Roald Dahls dad died shortly after Astri's death.
Going to Norway.
Roald's tonsils got taken out
Every so often they would receive chocolate ,and that is how he got the idea for charlie and the chocolate factory.
When Roald was 9 his half sister got engaged to a young English doctor.
When Roald was young Oslo was called Christina which was the capital at that time.
Roald and his mom
Roald and his sisters
Roald and his family
Roald when he was young.
When did Roald Dahl wite his first book?
He wrote the Gremlins in 1943.
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