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Prezi Tips

The Brainstorm

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Prezi Tips

Prezi Tips
Do everything even faster
Turn them on
Insert frames, arrows, lines, and shapes without any extra clicks
Duplicate at the touch of a button
Make sure shortcuts are turned on
Hit cmd+D to exactly replicate any of your content. Great for making frames the same size, or replicating content.
Hit cmd+shit+D to flip and duplicate at once
Fit your content perfectly every time
Aspect ratios
Create them with a single click and drag
turn them on or off to preview your work
Turn your brainstorm session into a work of art
Take the 3 steps tutorial
Watch this video to learn the Prezi way of structuring your ideas.
Rotate with precision
Shift + Rotate
Hold down the shift key when you rotate to move your object by exactly 22.5 degrees every time
Have the audience focus on YOU
"B" to blackout
With shortcuts turned on, hold down B to blackout your content–leaving you free to hold center stage
Take your best work with you
My collection
Use my collection to repeat your very best work again and again.
Is this cross platform yet?
Present the right image
Image insert
Google, Flickr image insert from the sidebar + recommended images.
Include the ability to paste a URL
Copy paste a video
YouTube URL insert
Find your video
Copy the URL
Paste directly into a text box
Make your mouse into a pointer
"Q" = pointer
Turn shortcuts on
Watch the little sperm thing whizz around!
Switch from presenting to editing at the press of a single key
Space to switch Edit & Present Modes
Turn shortcuts on
Hit space - time saved!
Let the world see your work
Make your prezi popular
Set your prezi to public or Public and reusable
Tweet a link
All the various ways to get your work some exposure
Carry your elevator pitch with you at all times
Optimize for iPad
We have a blogpost about this somewhere (on the blog)
Wow your audience with 3D
3D backgrounds
Take Meaghan's tutorial
Harness the true power of zoom
Judit's transitions tutorial
blog post "Thinking beyond the zoom"
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
Check the projector contrast
Put batteries in the clicker
Download a portable prezi / sync with desktop in case the wifi goes
Make the complex simple
Insert the right one for you, yay.
Give your work layers
Use layering to enhance your fade in animations
Add backgrounds to objects to fade over the top
Other cool things you can do with layering
Fine tune for a greater impact
The CSS Editor
Take Meaghan's tutorial
Put everything in perfectly in place
Snap to position
Use those little blue lines
Present to the world
Present remotely
Guide to using this feature
Dress your prezi in the latest fashion
Save custom themes
Guide to using this feature
image "Copy the style of any reusable prezi"
Tailor your images to your message
Image Effects
Guide to using this feature
Keep everyone on the same page
Shared folders
Guide to using this feature
Unite your team's efforts
Remote collaboration
Guide to using this feature
Prezi tutorial
collaboration map
Get a free upgrade
Referrals program
Don't start from scratch I.
Reusable prezis
description of this feature
Don't start from scratch II.
PPT import
description of this feature
PPT import Prezi tutorial
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