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william garcia

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Germans By: William Garcia and Sam Hughes The Treatment of Aliens in the United States during WW2 - Germans were sent to internment camps
(around 11,000 Germans).
- While in internment camps, Germans worked in factories to replace the U.S. men fighting over seas.
- There was a large population of Germans in
the United States, and the government could not detain all of them. To fix this problem, the military kept all German citizens away from the coastal areas.
- Germans were despised by Americans
and were treated like aliens. Italians Jews - During the Holocaust, many Jews tried to escape to
the United States using large ships.
- They were all turned back due to tight immigration
policies currently enacted in the U.S.
- The U.S. was not fully aware of the horrendous effects of the Holocaust
- Many Jews that were already in the U.S. joined the
military to help fight Germany
- 500,000 Jews served in all branches of our military
- Any Jews that were in the United States before the war were not treated any differently during the war.
They were treated as regular citizens. Japanese US restricted and neutralized Italians that were not citizens because of the war
Italians were treated roughly. Their homes were raided, some were arrested, and others were put in internment camps
They were also required to carry cards identifying them as "enemy aliens"
Italians were not able to travel 8km (5mi) from home
they were forced to surrender fire arms, radios, cameras, boats, and signaling devices
they had a curfew from 8pm to 6am
they were not allowed to return to Italy
they were not able to speak native language Japanese were put in internment camps
the U.S took away there jobs, homes, business, money, and family
they were put in the army to fight
many japanese joined the army to rove their love for America
they were looked down upon by americans because of pearl harbor
americans did not trust japanese
they were labeled as enemy aliens During war time aliens were considered a threat to the United States. Aliens were treated poorly because of their country's side in the war. The End!
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