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Internship Presentation

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E Prescott

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Internship Presentation

Internship Presentation
First, BU Demographics
Welcome to my presentation on the activities I accomplished that positively impacted student achievement and school wide success!
An overview of my spring 2014 internship in Language Arts at Boulder Universal, an online high school in BVSD, CO
Gender Ethnicity
Students Groups
Next is BVSD School Growth Summary since 2011
Moving onto Projects Accomplished as an Intern
Process of Course
Design & Planning:

Research & Assign
BVSD Curriculum Essential Standards to Assignments
Positive Impact on Student Achievement:
"Standards can improve achievement by
clearly defining what is to be taught and what kind of performance is expected" (p. 25). Many efforts to improve education begin with the process of integrating standards into the curriculum."
Ravitch, D. (1995). National standards in
American education: A citizen's guide. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press
Create Instructionally-Based Comments
to Leave Instead of Rubrics for Grading Individual Assignments like Discussions, Book Reviews, Study Questions,
E-presentations, Thesis Statements, Outlines, Plot Diagrams, Letter Writing, Essays, Planning, & More

Positive Impact on Student Achievement:
Kids Aren't Reading the Rubrics and Rubric-Style Comments

One Theory is That it Looks the Same and it's Not Instructing Them Directly

Students respond to personal comments

Positive Impact on Student Achievement:
Research shows that students perform better when they are in schools where they have a personal relationship with a caring adult. A key concept in high school reform is the idea that successful high school students are able to form meaningful relationships with instructors who can help them meet high standards, both academically and socially. Evidence shows that this personal connection with an adult helps ensure that students have an advocate who understands their interests, struggles and ambitions.


Student: Hi Emily, nice to meet you. I am hoping to go to a scifi convention in Phoenix in June.
I do have one question. Mrs. Martin had commented on my Unit 2 final assessment that my works cited was not quite right but she didn't say what was wrong with it. Could you take a look at it and let me know what I am doing wrong?

21st Century Skills Development:
Create Extended Learning Opportunities
Beyond School
Lessons and Encourage Learning Experiences Related to the Topics Learned in Class like Reading Books, Watching Documentaries, Recommending Technology Integration and Usage

Positive Impact on Student Achievement:
By helping young people apply their knowledge across a range of challenges, learning outside the classroom builds bridges between theory and reality, schools and communities, young people and their futures. safely managed and personalized to meet the needs of every child they can:
• Improve academic achievement.
• Provide a bridge to higher order learning.
• Develop skills and independence in a widening range of environments.
• Make learning more engaging and relevant to young people.
• Develop active citizens and stewards of the environment.
• Nurture creativity
• Provide opportunities for informal learning through play.
• Reduce behavior problems and improve attendance.
• Stimulate, inspire and improve motivation.
• Develop the ability to deal with uncertainty.
• Provide challenge and the opportunity to take acceptable levels of risk.
• Improve young people’s attitudes to learning.

Extended Learning:
Unit 5 Short Stories
1. Create a collage of your interpretation of a favorite short story. Be sure to include all of the elements. Collect images or create them, use words, get creative! There are many ways to display your vision. Images can be inserted into a Word document. You can create your collage in Prezi.com or you can try making a digital collage. Here are two links to try: http://www.ribbet.com/app/?create_collage#/home/welcome http://www.fotor.com/features/collage.html

Student Engagement and Motivation
Relationship Building
: I Introduced Myself via LMS Schoology E-mail to Over 100 students. I Asked 2 Questions: 1) What Are Your Plans for the Summer and 2) What Issues Do You Have With Your Classes? The Response was Encouraging in that Many Students Asked Specific Questions and Voiced Problems about Assignments, and Others Shared their Exciting Plans for the Summer

Instructional Comment: Well done. By now you are an expert at reading The Odyssey because the study questions in the previous lessons have trained your brain to look for certain things. It is easy to get side tracked by the style of the language and miss the themes, symbols, and motifs prevalent in the poem.
Recommendations to BU:
I really like the
freedom teachers
have to create the lessons in Schoology. However, the software lacks technology for diversification. Perhaps BU can work with Schoology to make upgrades or BU might want to change their LMS.
Lessons I Learned to
be a better teacher:
My mentor was
. I learned from her dis-cernment in e-communications concerning leaning into a student to get results without discouraging them. I also gained insight on how to integrate two subjects, English and Social Studies because she taught both and used that position to reinforce writing skills across the curriculum. Finally, what I learned the most was the pertinent use of technology in teaching like YouTube, Glenco Online, and Writing with Writers to name a few. The teacher added graphics were modern, entertaining, and relevant compared to other LMS.
Next Steps for me as a K-12 teacher:
Teacher created LMS (Schoology at BU) is much more personal than a canned LMS like NovaNet or Advanced Academics. The content is more relevant and can be manipulated for differentiation also. My next step is to volunteer to be on the committee that selects the LMS for my school. We traditionally have gone for a canned LMS asking the company to change the software which doesn't work out the way we need it to to help our students. Our LMS doesn't have to be totally created by us, but we need the freedom for creativity and differentiation.
Define Please!
*Equity-everyone has a computer and internet access
*Diversity-offers wide variety for learning styles
*Unbiased Course Content-multicultural teaching and learning
Positive Impact on Student Achievement:
iNACOL Standard F: The online teacher is able to address learning styles, needs for accommodations, and create multiple paths to address diverse learning styles and abilities.
Positive Impact on Student Achievement:
Treat Others As You Want to Be Treated
This is a positive attitude my mentor and I share that we model for students in all our forms of communication. This creates a safe environment for students to express themselves and to learn.
Unit 5 Overview
What are we covering in this lesson?
Short Story Elements, Plot and Suspense,
Irony, Plot Diagrams, Symbolism, Personification, and Allegory
What standards are being covered in this lesson?
CED: 2.1.b.Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze in detail its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text.

Learning Styles

I Examined the Curriculum Looking for Styles Not Addressed in Lessons and for Student Evidence Outcomes and Made Recommendations of What Additions Should be Made to Meet All Learning Styles

Positive Impact on Student Achievement:

All students have dominant and/or preferences in learning styles. Providing numerous and various styles in instruction and for student evidence outcomes guarantees that each student has available to them the tools they need to learn best, show it, and be successful.

That was a lot!
135 hours working in K-12 online contexts!
But what's next?
The End!
Diversity and How
It's Incorporated in the Classroom:

I Evaluated BU Curriculum For Options In
Learning Styles
and Bias. The LMS Lacks Built-In Options Like Transcripts for Videos. BU Also Uses A Variety Of Different Authors With Different Nationalities and Races

Continued to Answer Questions Throughout the Semester Providing Support to Students

Hi Steve, Oh, I just read page 2.1.14-Branches of Government- Executive-Assignment and didn't see anything about a paper. You get to show your "research" in a PowerPoint or other digital format. Martin has bulleted 6 things you are to research. Which president are you thinking about? Ms Prescott
Mentor Communication:
I Introduced Myself to My Mentor Via Email and Then We Talked on the Phone. We Continued to Communicate Weekly by Email and Every Several Weeks by Phone. We Have the Same Teaching Philosophy: Be Kind, Encouraging and Hold Students to High Standards.

21st Century
Social/Interpersonal Style was lacking so a suggestion was:

2. Write a class poem together. I’ve done this and it is fun. Each student is given a number and submits one line in the corresponding line in a shared doc. The students are given a theme to write their one-liner. Voila, they have created a poem together.
This was an Exciting Project. I Evaluated, and crafted interdisciplinary opportunities for World History and a World Lit & Comp Class. Linking the classes is a better option than team or co-teaching

The first suggestion is to change World Lit (WL) a lot and World History (WH) some. WL is easier to modify than WH.

For WL, find shorter works or at least vary the length of works reflecting each era in WH. Each semester in WH has 6 eras. Here is where songs, poems, dairies, plays, even speeches could be used as well as novels along with study guides pointing to concepts from WH. Information about the authors can be infused in WH for the corresponding era. This is exciting!
This led to clarification
Using the Linked Courses Model is the way to go to practice writing across the curriculum and to build a bridge between two areas.
Linking the two courses can move them towards higher stages of cognitive development.

Merging the classes into one to team teach is not appropriate because there is too much content in World History.

Co-teaching doesn't fit either because the two different subjects have different standards that have to be met.
School Enrollment
What did I do first?
Hello, what do you
think about...
that's great!
How is Face-to-Face teaching/learning different or similar to online teaching/learning?
2 main
1. communication is more
personal online
because I have
to make the effort to write to each student
2. Teachers are endorsed in more than one subject
Students learn at their own pace
in their own space!
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