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Invader Zim: Meats of Evil

by Soapy Bacon Studios

Adrian Jolley

on 12 December 2011

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Transcript of Invader Zim: Meats of Evil

Controller Mapping
Quick Inventory
(Z Button)
Xbox 360
Quick Inventory
Throw Grenade (Right Bumper)
Shake Nunchuck to Throw Grenade
Flick WiiMote and Nunchuck to Jump
Sprint (Right Trigger)
Shake WiiMote to Sprint
The style of this game will be similar to Metal Slug and Alien Hominid.
Crouch (Left Trigger)
Crouch (R2)
Throw Grenade (R1)
Sprint (R2)
Boss Battles
The main focus is to find a cure for the virus that is turning Zim and Dib into bologna while defending the earth from the Irken invasion
Quick Inventory
Similar Games
Vampire Hamster
Throw Grenade
Quick Inventory
Skinning the moose mini-game
Throughtout every level, the player can find one moose hidden inside each stage. Player's can ride the moose which is equiped with an array of weapons but can only be used for a limited amount of time. Once the moose is used up, it becomes tired and the player can attempt to skin the moose. When the player skins the moose, they take of the fur of the moose and it runs off the screen. Collecting the pelts from mooses can help the player achieve unlockables inside the game and also lets the player explore hidden levels.
Enemies will consist of:
The Player(s)
Irken Leaders
Ms. Bitters
Irken Battle Robot
Irken Invaders
Zims House
Enemy Drops
Every enemy destroyed will be turned into pieces of bologna. These pieces can then be collected by the PC and used as currency towards finding an antidote and upgrading weapons.
Boss Drops
Bosses will hold key elements within their bologna that are essential to the antidote.
Points will be given for each enemy killed, the length of time the player stayed in the level and the overall health the player has at the end of the level. These points will be totaled after completion of each level and tracked on a leaderboard. Players will be able to see the leaderboard online and track where they rank up against other players.
Spending of Bologna
The player can choose to spend these pieces of bologna in the upgrade shop located at Dibs house and upgrade their weapons, armor and special abilities. Bologna may also be spent at Dibs house to purchase health and special ability recharge potions. Players can also choose to use bologna towards finding an antidote once they have unlocked Zim’s house.
Dibs House
Zims House
Level Restrictions
Certain level restrictions will disable the player from buying better weapons and more lives. Once the player achieves the required level, they can then buy those items.
Technical Constraints
Level Constraints
The player will be able to move forward and backward within the level. This means that if the player fights half way through the level and then decides they want to leave before completion, they can turn around and head back to the entrance. The only time turning back will not be an option is if the player is being chased through the level by an invulnerable opponent, and is forced to progress forward.
Once a player reaches a certain point in the game, they will unlock Gir and this will allow the player to explore hidden areas in the levels that were previously unreachable.
While in the main map, players can fast travel to a location, sometimes they can be attacked and must defeat all enemies in order to reach their intended destination. The combat will be the same with the exception that the player cannot proceed until all enemies are defeated.
An example of this would be a level that the teacher Ms. Bitters chases the PC through the halls of the school and should she reach the PC, it is game over.
Players will be able to shoot while jumping and in any direction.
Players will be able to duck and also shoot in that position.
The player will be able to jump and double jump within the levels and open world. The distance in jumping will be dependent on whether the PC is sprinting or not. Double jumping will always offer the same amount of boost to the player’s height and distance. Jumping can also be augmented by purchasing upgrades.
Darts will move on a single path but some of the guns that can be purchased, can shoot three darts at a time or can shoot darts that follow enemies for a limited amount of time (heat seeking).
The starting enemies can be defeated with one dart while bosses may take much more. The number of darts an enemy can take will increase depending on how far the player progresses in the game.
Damage that enemies can take between levels vs. open world remains the same and only changes depending on ramping due to game progress, or if it’s a boss battle.
Level Boundaries
Within the level the game is a 2D Platformer. With this in mind the player will only be able to move in a horizontal fashion unless otherwise specified. Areas with ventilation systems, shafts, stairs, etc will be available and allow the player to move vertically. In this aspect players will be encouraged to explore vent shafts and other like areas but exploration will still be confined to a 2D area.
Open World Boundaries
In an effort to seclude the “unnamed town” that the characters live in, the Irken Empire has placed a force field around it, thus shutting off access to the city. This is what will play as the boundaries in the open world. The player will be able to walk anywhere they please as long as they are within the force field.
The player will be able to move in all directions within the boundaries of the game
Usability Specifications
Level Ramping
The game will have a set amount of enemies placed throughout the level. However, there will be random spawns of Irken reinforcements that will work much like a Survival Mode.
To prevent farming, if a player stays in a level for too long they will eventually be overrun by enemies and will be captured. The reason behind this is once a player enters a level the, Irken Empire is alerted of their presence. Too long in one level will cause more and more reinforcements to show up until the player is overrun. Speed and skill will be essential in the player’s tactics.
Saying that the player is playing on the hardest difficulty: This means that every 1 minute that the player remains in a single level, an Irken Invader will come onto the screen on top of the enemies that the game has already preprogrammed to be there. Every minute that passes more and more Invaders will spawn for the PC to defeat. After 5 minutes = 5 invaders spawn, 10 minutes = 10 Invaders spawn, 15 minutes = 15 invaders spawn. Remembering that these invaders spawn with the inclusion of the enemies that are already meant to be in the level, the game can become very tough.
This will play a big role in the leaderboard scores. Since players will be rewarded points for how long they remained in the level, enemies defeated and total life the PC has at the end, the player needs to decide what is more important; going for that high score, trying again later or finishing the level before being captured?
Difficulty Ramping (Level)
There will be three difficulties for the player to choose from. The difficulty can be changed at any time through the Option Menu. These difficulties affect not only the difficulty in defeating enemies but also the amount of reinforcement spawns per minute.
Pitiful Human (Reinforcements spawn 1 extra invader every 3 minutes. Enemies are easy to defeat.)
Irken Baby (Reinforcements spawn 1 extra invader every 2 minutes. Enemies take a normal amount of damage.)

Irken Invader (Reinforcements spawn 1 invader every 1 minute. Enemies are much tougher and will take many hits to defeat.)
The game will also get harder in the sense that each increasing level will have tougher enemies and obstacles become a lot harder to navigate through.
Difficulty Ramping (Open World)
A set amount of enemies will be randomly placed throughout the world every time the PC enters into it. This will keep the player busy but will not require much effort to move through the world. Bosses will occur in the open world that will be more difficult to beat but only when it makes sense to the story.
Much of the audience that knows and has watched Invader Zim before is usually older than ten years old. Although, kids who discover it now, even at a relatively young age, seem to be enamored with the shows eccentricity, dark humor and the overall weirdness of it. It has that sort of quirk that resembles other shows like Ren and Stimpy and Courage the Cowardly Dog.
Gaz will display minimal facial expressions at all times to maintain her deadpan, apathetic attitude. Her movements should be very smooth and relaxed as well for the same reason.
Gir will be the opposite of Gaz in the respect that his expressions should be very big and even gratuitous to illustrate Gir’s crazy and eccentric persona.
Gir has different modes depending on whether he is engaged in combat or not. In a normal mode, Gir is goofy, funny, and innocent looking. In combat mode, his eyes glow red and his movements become more deliberate and aggressive. His whole demeanor should change from a whimsical child to a focused weapon of mass destruction.
Target Audience
Many platform video games have been designed to be played on multiple consoles. They have also been devised to be available to buy and download directly from online stores that can be connected through the console itself. So many of them are available without even going to a store and buying a physical copy. The systems that these platformers can be played on include but are not limited to: Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, and PC. Platform video games are also quite popular for players who use handheld game devices such as Nintendo DS and the PSP.
Invader Movements
Named invaders should each have their own movement characteristics, but in general, invaders should move quickly and with purpose. They should almost glide across the screen with their eyes glowing and angry looking.
Boss Movements
Each Boss battle will have it’s own mechanic and the boss character will have it’s own movement which will be directly derived from the cartoon episodes.

For Mini bosses the player must defeat the boss in order to continue their progress in the level. These mini bosses do more damage than the common enemy and have a good amount of health.
Special Abilities
The player will also have a special ability that can be charged up and used. The amount of times a player can use their special ability depends on how full their special bar is. The player simply holds down the special ability button until the desired amount of special bars are lit up, then they release the button to activate the power. The more bars the player charges, the more powerful the ability will be. However, once the special bar is drained, the player will have to refill their special bar (either over time, or by using refill potions that can be purchased), before being able to use the ability again.

An example of this would be the use of the special ability “Canineious Bolognious”. The ability floods the screen with darts that will turn all enemies hit by the darts into bologna. Then the screen will be filled by a pack of dogs that eats all the bologna. Since the bologna is being eaten, the enemies will not drop any for the player to collect. The more the player charges the ability the more darts that will flood the screen. However, the less the player charges the ability, the more times they will be able to use this ability per level.
Level Combat
Level combat will be fast paced and continuous. Enemies will continue to appear from all sides of the screen to keep the player moving forward. This will help the game to sustain a constant “edge of your seat” fast paced gameplay style. This will be later explained in the games “ramping” section.
Enemies will be “killed” with 1 shot from the player’s gun or if the enemies get close, a melee hit. As the game progresses, enemies will become harder and take more shots to be defeated but a melee hit will always be a 1 shot “kill”.

Bosses will take multiple shots to be defeated. They will follow patterns that will be more complex as the game progresses and the bosses get harder.
This game would achieve the most success from being a cross console arcade game. So it would be available to players who have a Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3. Each has their respective online stores (Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and the Wii Shop Channel) which handle games that are available to purchase online. Most games of this genre are available to multiple systems. Having the availability for any player on any system is a good way to reach out to anyone who enjoys Invader Zim.
Open World Combat
The aspects that we can use to market our game come directly from the television series. This game should incorporate the same dark humor, oddity and quirk that exists in the show that so many have come to enjoy. It must resemble it on a discreet level as well as on a grander scale with new features and plot that will move the story forward, providing new material for those fans who want more out of the show.
Open world combat will be similar to combat within the levels. Instead of a side scroller, the open world camera will be above the PC’s head. The combat will be slowed down and enemies will be less frequent.

Tougher enemies will still be present in the open world and still require the same formula for defeat that they would within the levels. However, they will be much less frequent than the weaker enemies in order to not over frustrate the player.

Boss fights will only occur when it makes sense in the story for them to be outside in the open world. The fights will still have a pattern style of combat. An example of a boss fight in the open world would be a giant mechanized spaceship lands in front of the player taking up the top half of the screen. The player must run side-to-side, dodging the enemy bullets while shooting back and doing damage to the ship.

Special abilities will still be available while in the open world area.
Given that there are roughly 1.2 million users on Facebook that definitely “like” Invader Zim. Most of them would be thrilled to have a real game to go along with the series, especially one that the whole family could play and enjoy. So based on how many fans there are, this being the first real Invader Zim game and the fact that it will be a platform game the price could range from $10-$20.
Open World Traveling
While in the main map, players can fast travel to a location, sometimes they can be attacked and must defeat all enemies in order to reach their intended destination. The combat will be the same with the exception that the player cannot proceed until all enemies are defeated.
Marketing Aspects
The Facebook Effect
Cross Console Advantage
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Sales (Wii) Sales History (Launches Aligned)
Summary of weekly unit sales from launch broken down by tracked regions (for first 10 weeks of sale)
Metal Slug Anthology Sales (Wii) Sales History (Launches Aligned)
Summary of weekly unit sales from launch broken down by tracked regions (for first 10 weeks of sale)
The open world is designed in a 2D top down format where the player has a main house (Dib’s house), which can be used to buy upgrades like ammo, guns and health. The main map will display places the player needs to go (levels) in order to complete the next objective. After a level is completed, the next area on the map will be unlocked.
At first simply shooting or hitting enemies with the melee weapon will defeat them with ease. Later, specific enemies will require different gadgets and weaponry to break through their armor in order to turn them into bologna.

An example of this would be and enemy that requires the player to use an explosive to blow off their armor before shooting them with the bologna gun. If the player has no explosives, they can attempt to get in close and pull off the armor by grabbing the enemy.

In order to do damage, some bosses will require a specific area to be shot. For example the player may need to dodge multiple attacks before the boss gets tired and opens up it’s hidden weak spot. This spot will then be shot and the boss will be damaged.
General Combat
Soapy Bacon Studios
Invader Zim: Meats of Evil
Kurt Caron
Adrian Jolley
Brian Wilson
Giuliano Roman
Paul Renfer

Target ESRB Rating
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