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Liam Command Economy

No description

liam duffy

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Liam Command Economy

Command Ecomony Military dictatorship Democracy An economic system in which the government controls all production and distribution of goods and services. Definition- Command economies are often found in countries without freely elected governments. If one person takes over a group it becomes a command economy. One person makes the decsions while the others follow orders. In a command economy, one person or political party has the answers to all economic questions. Others obey or face the consequences. A form of government in which the military holds political power A military dictatorship is controlled by the armed forces. The person that is the leader makes the decisions about production and distribution of goods and services In Africa and Asia the people live in poverty and they have little chance of getting education or access to health care. Definition- Definition- A form of government in which the elected people fill govrenment offices During the 1st and 2nd World Wars, Canada's economy was teporarily controlled by the government under The War Measures Act . Canada and other nations involed in the war switched to a economy centred on prodution of weapons and military equipment. factories that normally made cars farm machinery and home appliances made military necessities instead. To do so, the government had to take controll of the economy. So in the years of WWI and WWII Canada's economy became a command economy. Communist Economies
Communism- A system that supports common ownership of the means of production. About 160 years ago, german philosopher Karl Marx introduced a new type of economic system. It promised "From each according to his ability to each according to his need". Marx was the founder of communism, an economic and political system in which people would work together to produce goods and share them fairly. More than 11 million people live on the island of Cuba. Until 1957, American companies invested heavily in Cuban suger, tabbaco, and fruit plantation. However, they took the profits home. Most Cubans were very poor with little access to education or medical care. In 1958-1959 Fidel Castro's communist forces siezed the island and all american businesses and property on the island. These are some countries that have a democratic system of government. In Cuba, the government decides what to produce and how to distribute goods and services. By Liam and Sean I hope you enjoyed our Prezi! : A Communist Economy Many countries that spend heavily on their military often do not leave much for social services Americans are, to this day, forbidden to go to Cuba.
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