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Ice Hockey

No description

lis lab3

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey
By: Jake
When And How It started
started at a collage in Canada in the 1800s
came from the idea of the sport Hurley
Rules And Equipment
you need a helmet, shin guards, hockey socks, hockey pants, skates, elbow pads, chest protector, a jersey, gloves, and a hockey stick
in hockey is to shoot a puck into the other teams net to get a point, the team with the most points at the end of three 20 minute periods wins
Wayne Gretzky
Wayne History
born in Brantford, Canada
started hockey at the age of two
so good he played with older kids
started playing in the NHL in 1979
wears number 99
most goals and assists in NHL
played 20 seasons on 4 different teams
played on the olympic Canadian hockey team in 1998
retired in 1999
Hope You Like This Video
Goalie Equipment
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