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Things About Me

No description

keith scrutchen

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Things About Me

I Love Pandas
pandas are amazing
i have 2 brothers
there names are gino and joey
i have 1 sister
her name is karmel
Things About Me
i snowboard
i do karate
i do archery
my famliy goes on many cruises
shoes are my life
i love snapbacks
i love dogs
i used to have a dalmation
i pennyboard
i shoot bows
now i have a miniture dashound
i go hunting
my faveriote color is green
my favriote city is cozumel
i like flying
i love tropical waters
i think starfish are cool
i wish i lived in belize
i want the new labrons
i also like the new yezzys
the new shoes im getting are vlado atlas
i love the island roatan
i like jet skis
i surf
i where glasses
i like the call of duty games
i own a playstaysion 3
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