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No description

Mary Racelis

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Teamwork

Essential to achieving quality patient care
Registered Nurse Role
Patient Care Tech & Nursing Assistant II Role
Delegation is both Process & Condition
5 Rights of Delegation
Right task, right circumstances, right person, right communication, and right supervision
Good Communication is central to teamwork
Mutual respect-All team members are needed to achieve safe, quality nursing care
Effective Teamwork
Elements of a Strong Team
Shared Goal-excellence in patient care
Clear Roles and Responsibilities
job description
skill performance
5 Rights of Delegation
Good communication
mutual respect
conflict resolution

Decreases Error
Increases Patient Safety
Increases Patient Outcomes
Increases Patient Satisfaction
Increases Staff Satisfaction
"Transfer of responsibility for the performance of a task from one individual (RN) to another (PCT/NA) while RN retaining accountability for the outcome" (ANA, 2006)
Purpose-is to gain work efficiency. Working together in partnership to manage changing priorities of patient care within an assignment
Process-5 rights of delegation
Condition-Good communication, mutual respect, ICARE values
Delegation communication should be
respectful, timely, clear, concise, and include rationale that gives the task meaning
(ANA, 2006)
Use words such as please, thank you, good job
Be approachable, use good eye contact, and be aware of body language & facial expressions
Resolve conflict and give constructive feedback
Start shift with structured communication and identify check points throughout shift
Listen without interruption
Allow time for response, questions, clarification
RN maintains accountability for nursing process
Mutual understanding of expected results & goals
Perform physical exam & health histories
Provide health promotion, counseling, & education
Administer medications, wound care, & other interventions
Interpret patient information/make critical decisions about needed actions
Coordinate care, in collaboration with a wide array of healthcare professionals
Direct and supervise care delivered by other
healthcare personnel
Conduct research in support of improved
practice and patient outcomes
Role Play
Assist RN in delivery of patient care
Transport patients/items as needed
Maintains safe, orderly, well equipped environment
Skills-50 skills such as vital signs, glucose monitoring, specimen collection...

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