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Welcome to Y9 Mathematics

Intro to Mathematics 2011

Jason Doyle

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Y9 Mathematics

Welcome to 2014 Mathematics
Who am I?
What you will need this year
1 exercise book for doing day to day work
3 Math books
1 ruler
I will try to figure out what you don’t know, but...
Asking Questions
Every week (or so) there will be a random question asked...
Question of the week
Most of All!
And have fun!

We'll try and be more successful than Ma and Pa Kettle
It will be available at the front of the room, by the door
and there will be spot prizes for the first few from each class to correctly answer it.
1 notes book - important for taking notes that you are given
1 spare, which you will use as you homework book
1 protractor
Red pens
Blue/black pens/pencil
Random equipment spot checks... to check that your equipment is staying here!
With rewards for those fully stocked
...it is much easier if you ask me if something doesn’t make sense!
Sometimes I may even just assume you know something!
It is much easier to answer questions straight away, rather than three weeks later (or the end of the year, just before your exam!)
There is no such thing as a bad question!

And I will happily award spot prizes for great questions
A great quote/piece of advice
Mr Doyle
About Me
Play cricket
Enjoy watching almost
every other sport
English Premier League
Enjoy history
New Zealand
In the holiday's last year, I went to China with students and teachers from Tawa (again)
History of Mathematics
Some of Man's earliest recorded maths was found in China!
See how Math is taught/learnt in another country
Did you know?
Students are at High School in China from 7am - 7pm!
Hardworking students are at school from 6.30am - 10.30pm! When they go home and study until 1am!!
And to see another country and have fun!
What else do you need?
I do not know any of you. So you have the opportunity to start the year with a blank slate, and make brand new first impressions. If I do already know you... a new year, and a new start.
...In case you were worried...
...We provide you
with a folder
with all of your equipment...
...Which I will
look after!
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