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Expository Writing Process

No description

Anne Luna

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Expository Writing Process

& The Writing Process Expository Essay Impersonal Elements of Expository Writing Opinions & Facts Informs Gives information
about the topic. Told in 3rd Person He She They Facts support Opinions & Opinions support Facts The Key to Writing an Expository Essay: You are writing about the topic IN GENERAL.
important in a friendship. YOUR EXPOSITORY
ASSIGNMENT: But Remember... Step 1: Pre-Writing Writing an Essay Step 2: Drafting Step 3: Revising Final Step: Publishing Your main opinion

(I think, I feel
this happened to me) Reason 1: One reason you believe
your "main opinion" Reason 2: Another reason you believe
your "main opinion"

(I think, I feel
this happened to me) Reason 3: Another reason you believe
your "main opinion"

(I think, I feel
this happened to me)

(I think, I feel
this happened to me) Honesty is important in friendship. Explain Reason 1 Explain Reason 2 Explain Reason 3 You will take your ideas from your pre-write to put together a "rough" version of your paper. Introduction Introduce your paper by stating your main opinion. In order to succeed in school, Body Paragraph 1, 2, 3. Each of your body paragraphs will have a reason and its explanation. **You also need to write a sentence to tie up your paragraph** Students need to be responsible First, students should be Conclusion Restate your main opinion. students need to be responsible. prepared for class. Being prepared means to have materials and assignments each day, and you must be ready to learn. This is very important when you want to be a responsible student. Reason 2, explanation, and concluding sentence. to get the best education possible. This is how
you indent! TITLE Reason 3, explanation, and concluding sentence. Step 4: Editing Revising is the step that you take to make changes to what you have written in your paper. Re-read your rough draft, and decide if there's anything you want to add or take away.

**Use a thesaurus to come up with some better synonyms for simple words you've used!** Check for:
Incomplete Sentences Complete your "final" draft. Here's what you need to do:
Include Changes you made on your rough draft.
Use your best hand-writing.
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