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International Consultancy Project The presentation of CFS Le

No description

endi feng

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of International Consultancy Project The presentation of CFS Le

International Consultancy Project
Consultancy Project
of CFS Company
Level 7

BYRNE, Katie(2004). Managing your marketing mix.[online]. Chartered Accountants Journal, 83(1). Article from Business Source Premier last accessed 29 April 2014 at:

The Formations Company (2014). Register a limited company today! [online]. Last accessed 24 April 2014 at:

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Offshore Formations(2014). [online]. Last accessed 24 April 2014 at:

CFS(2014).[online]. Last accessed 24 April 2014 at:

Kew, John(2008). Business environment: managing in a strategic context. 2nd ed., London; Chartered institute of Personnel and Development.

The World Bank. (2014). Economy Rankings. Available at
[Accessed 7 Apr. 2014].

China Integrated analysis. (2012). A good Chinese year of the rabbit: what should we expect from the Dragon. Available at:
[Accessed 7 Apr. 2014].



Analysis of the Market Environment
-Survey of Potential Customer
-PEST Analysis

Competitor Analysis
-Competition in the UK
-Competition in China and India

Social Media Marketing

Advertising in Target Market


The Introduction of Survey
Process of collection
collect primary data -- spoke --> XINYU Company -- finish --> survey

Company Information
Full name : XINYU Financial Ltd
Location: Guangzhou of China
Main service: financial solving & registration
Most of their customers come from south of China

There are 40 responders in this survey (clients of XINYU)
Spend almost 3 weeks to complete

Before the analysis of results, there are three things need to point out:
1. The results of this survey are limited by time, numbers of responders and region

2. We use these results of this survey is because it is helpful for our research and it also can provide for the CFS to consult

3. The results of this survey cannot represent the situation of whole industry in Chinese market

The problem of Gender
The female responders only occupy 13% in this survey

The reason of it is because the traditional influence

Most of female are willing to be a house keeper

development of society --> peoples' mind are open more --> female begun to start business --> percentage increase

women are the potential customers
This part is in order to find out what are the customers’ needs in Chinese market

The answer can be found out in the result

Why the professional Option occupy a big part in this chat?

Customers hope can received more professional suggestions and recommendations from agent even they know how to register ,still need to consult the professional information

The professional skills are helpful for CFS expand their business in China

1. 15 responders’ start-up capitals are from families and they all belong to the Ages of 20-30

3. The target customers of formation agent would be increasingly younger in the Chinese market
1. Social media is the main way of promotion for the CFS in Chinese Market
2. The reputation can influence the promotion of company
This presentation is around these 4 points which are showing below:

Expand CFS business out of Britain

Build trust among foreign customers

Improve the social media system of CFS

Attract foreign customers from local offices

Social Media & Advertising ----> Recommendations
Customers & Competitors

Political Factors in China
Relax the requirement of registration capital.
(Zhu 2013)

The installment of registration capital can be accepted
(Li 2014 and Zhong 2014)

Support university graduates to establish companies during their first two years after graduation
(Ministry of Education 2013)

Political Factors in India
Reduce the barrier of market entering for foreign enterprises

Open almost all kinds of industries to foreign companies

Financial support

(Global Alliance of SMEs 2014)

Economic Factors in China
Economic Factors in India
Place Chosen
Social Factors

Young and middle-aged people
(Cleland 2013)

Limited work places
(Grogan 2004)

Business studies are popular

Technological Factors
Internet industry

Access information

Professional Website

SWOT Analysis
Competitors in China
Path to China
1.located in 7 cities of China, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Hong Kong.

2.has one representative office in Holland

3.helped more than 1600 international SMEs from 86 different countries

4.price is 20%-40% cheaper than their main competitors as they claimed on their websites.

1.head office in Shanghai and oversea offices in America and Britain

2.provide wide ranges of professional services

China Business Support (CNBS)
1.served clients from over 20 different countries

2.employs about 100 professionals in different field

The World Bank 2014
The World Bank 2014
China Integrated Analysis 2012
Competitors in UK & India
Competitors in UK
CFS Marketing Mix analysis

Marketing Mix analysis of The Formations Company

Comparing others three competitors-

Competitive strategy

CFS Marketing Mix analysis

Pay as you go

Same day service

Available 24/7

No signatures required

Customers' database

No extra change after

No stock transfer forms

No forms to complete at all after

BYRNE, Katie 2004
The Formations Company

Source 3 from: https://www.theformationscompany.com/?gclid=CIW73vbS_b0CFZShtAod7VYAig

UK Limited Companies

Limited by Guarantee

Limited Liability Partnerships

Flat Management Companies

Right to Manage Companies

Ready Made & Aged Companies

Public Limited Companies

UK, oversea and online

This company registered in England and Wales. Registered office: Winning ton House, 2 Woodberry Grove, North Fancily, London, N12 0DR

In local package
segmented to different product.

Discount and segment
market, continues include the £13 companies house filing fee.

After-sale service
: customers post on their viewpoint after they was serviced by this company, it is simple and fast way to gain others customers' feedback from this direct statement.

Why choose this company
: For example, no complicated paperwork to fill in, fast track Barclays bank Plc account service and fast 3hr turnaround to have an official LTD company.

Competitive Strategies
Cost Leadership
1.Become low-cost service

Attactive and convenience website
1.Customer needs and satisfaction

Differentiation Strategy
1.Develop ways to differentiate a firm’s service
2. Focus on particular segment of market

Alliance Strategy
1.Establish linkages and alliances with customers, suppliers, competitors, consultants and other companies

Advertising in Target Market
The global Internet users about 20billion, if the current relationship with Google rigid China, there are still more than 15billion. 

If you tell the Google Search has at least 10bilion users on the Internet, you will feel unrealistic? We don't think so.

But Google doesn't just search.

comscore 2008
Google AdWords
It is a quick and easy way to advertise on Google and its advertising partners' Web site the way, no matter what your budget can fully enjoy its efficient advertising services. Offers pay-per-click, that is, cost-per-click (CPC) advertising
In China, there are also similar to Google Adwords, of course, the process and way of advertising are very similar.(58tongcheng, Ganji, Baidu)

Google Analytics

Google's a free web analytic service

Google Alerts
It is a customized Google News automatically send users to customize the content of the required management center in Google Alerts.

Google Alerts
Google will within a set period of time (real-time, daily, weekly) sent to the user's Google search news articles, users can use this feature to track some news reports, industry dynamics, obtain the latest international events and so on.

Some common uses of Google Alerts
News reports to monitor progress

Track the latest information on a competitor or industry

Learn the latest celebrity or event

Favorite sports teams grasp the current situation

Social Media Marketing
What do customers say about advertisements
Social Media usage by region
Source: www.Chinainternetwatch.com

LinkedIn for business use
LinkedIn has more than 2 million company pages at present

Publish company updates periodically

Start a LinkedIn group around a particular topic and join ongoing conversations

Selling opportunity through LinkedIn

1.LinkedIn provides the ability to customize Products and Services tab with an icon of size 100 x 80 pixels and description of products/services in bullet form

2.Spotlight section can be used to rotate up to three banners of size 640 x 220 pixels with link to URL designated by the company

Some insights from LinkedIn/ Twitter
Thank you for your listening
Any Questions ?
comscore 2008
Locations in India
1.Mumbai (commerce capital of India)
2.Pune (800 colleges, approx.5 lakh students)
3.New Delhi (national capital)
4.Bangalore (registered 591 tech start-ups launches in past 5 years)

Locations in China
1.Hong Kong (listed in top 3 for ease of doing business by World Bank, 2014)

Trust Of Customers
1.Build trust by highlighting professional expertise over price for Chinese customers

More active presence on social media sites, LinkedIn and Twitter specifically

Localization feature in company website for users to access in different languages

Use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for better indexing
1.Baidu is the 'Google' in China
2.Google in India

Specific marketing budget each year

The processes of our researches are all depend on these 4 points to set up
And the areas of our research focus on are that:
The Problem of Customers' Needs
2. Also , there are more and more parents begun to encourage their children to start the businesses
The Problem of Target Customers
The problem of Promotion
Competitors in India
SR Corporate Services
1.Located in Mumbai (commercial capital of India)
2.Established in 2003
3.Do not have live chat or contact number on website but present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

D Batra & Co.
1.A well known company located in New Delhi
2.Prices not mentioned on website
3.Provide services to customers from various industries

N A Shah Associates
1.Presence in market since 1965
2.Located in Mumbai
3.Multi disciplinary accountancy practices
4.Have a news section on website containing analysis of annual Budget etc.

K.S Aiyar and Co.
1.Oldest Indian accounting firm
2.Strong presence in west and south India
3.global operations through their Branches / Marketing set-ups in USA, UK, Far-East, Middle East and Australia (as claimed on website)

Source: comScore Inc.

Caymeo. (2014). Caymeo — Your touchstone in China. Available at
[Access 25 Apr. 2014].
China Integrated analysis. (2012). A good Chinese year of the rabbit: what should we expect from the Dragon. Available at
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Global Alliance of SMEs. (2014). Investment Routes in India. Available at
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Grogan, T. (2004). Rising employment pressures coasts. ENR. Vol. 252, No. 26, pp. 32. [Accessed 5 Apr. 2014 from Business Source Premier].
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[Accessed 5 Apr. 2014].
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Zhong, Q. (2014). Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in China: Entrepreneurial environment and policy. China News. Available at
[Accessed 5 Apr. 2014].
Zhu, F. (2013). The State Council: cancel the capital restriction of company registration for at least ¥30, 000. China News. Available at
[Accessed 5 Apr. 2014].

In Chinese Market

Hong Kong is a good option for the CFS Company. The reason of it can be divided into 4 parts:

1, CFS can easy to control the business from Britain -- do not need to Visa

2, CFS can attract the Chinese (Mainland) customers through the social media way

3, Chinese (Mainland) customers also want to register their company in Hong Kong ( reduce Tax, powerful Title )

4, can minimum the influence of changing of Chinese legal system

In India Market

Although the market entry has hurdles following actions are most preferable as per our analysis:

1.Opt for an alliance with an Indian accountancy firm, preferably a member of “Inpact International”

2.Outsource IT related work to India (much cheaper than local vendors)

Entering the Asian Market
CFS International Formations Ltd
Guided by Alexxandra anderson
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