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U2 Demo Presentation

No description

Shane Hart

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of U2 Demo Presentation

What do you own?
How many staff currently
involved in your process?
Locate only or repairs &
Do you have paper forms?
water, sewer, storm, wastewater?
Repairs? Maintenance?
Dispatcher? Locator? Operations Staff?
Locate Report forms?
Analyzing what your locate process should be
The Locate Process
Receiving Requests
Your Locate Process
Uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol
What hardware is available?
Laptops? Printers? Internet?
You decide who receives the tickets, whether tickets are going straight to you dispatcher or straight to your locator in the field
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
UtiLocate 2 checks every 60 seconds with Ontario One Call for new locate requests. It organizes all locate information for easy viewing
Simple check boxes are used in UtiLocate 2 to complete locate requests.
Udraw is the sketch tool in UtiLocate. It is the fastest field drawing tool on the market.
Receiving Requests
Field Ready
In the Field
The Excavator or Homeowner
Excavator must have printed sheet's on-site
Sketch on form must match field markings to begin dig
UtiLocate 2 lets Ontario One Call know when you've completed your locate automatically.
Ontario One Call
After Completion
UtiLocate stores all your completed locate
forms. Easily recall any completed locate anytime. Create easy to read reports.
Locate Work Order Management System
Direct alignment with ORCGA Best Practices
We are an Ontario Company
Members of the ORCGA since 2006
Bill 8
After June 18, 2014,

You'll be required to perform 100% of your Underground Infrastructure Locate Requests.

The amount of locate requests you currently receive will increase due to increased awareness and usability of “On1Call”

You'll be required to complete locate requests within a 5 day window
Full Documentation
Storage of all locate forms in digital form from the initial receiving of locate request
Auto-log records important details that are only tracked using software
Easy search and reference for any damage investigations
Helps Pay for Itself
Minimize dispatch time required

Minimize travel with Locator independence ability

No more Faxing costs

Minimal Paper costs

No more storage costs

Full support provided by Competers, Inc and our team of computer specialists
Compatible with Windows xp, Windows 7, and soon Windows 8
24/7 phone availability
Software updates are performed automatically to provide the latest features
SAAS Pricing Model
Pay per month (Pricing based on ticket volume and total users)
Server costs included
Updates and maintenance included
No huge initial costs
Faxing costs included
Learn about you!
Time to GO LIVE
About You
About Us
UtiLocate 2

Prompt support
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