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Personal Learning Environment

No description

Karen Keppler

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Personal Learning Environment

In the beginning
Finding professionals and professional ways to apply online learning and teaching.
Looking Forward to many new things. Start a PhD in Foresight at University of the Sunshine Coast.
Personal Learning Environment
for Karen Keppler

Apple 2e. Swapping discs. No hard drive. Green screen and dot matrix printer. Dos, Visicalc and Word Juggler.
Gopher, Amber screen, Lug-around, Lotus 123, Dos, Paper white and Big Sky Telegraph
WordPerfect, World Wide Web, Email, Blue Sky Freenet, Google, MS Office, MBA.
Teaching, Shopping, Surfing and Learning Online
Life gets bigger and better
Creating Curriculum, keeping up with changes and opportunities.
Keep learning or fall behind. Teach some new courses.
Exercise for the brain! Who knew? Learning yet another phone and another tablet. Maslow needs another level.
Teach online from the connected cabin in the bush!
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