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GAEA info

No description

Lauren Christine Phillips

on 31 July 2017

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Transcript of GAEA info

What is included with membership?
Dual membership to NAEA, which includes lesson plans, webinars, discounts to the national convention, and online resources
Professional development at our Fall Conference & summer workshops
Advocacy tools
Members-only art shows
Leadership opportunities
Recognition for all of your hard work!
"The Art of Storytelling" in Augusta, GA
October 19-21, 2017
Keynote speaker: Jonathan Green
Dozens of hands-on workshops, including studio techniques, best practices, STEAM, and the new standards.
Artist Market, Member's Exhibit, Awards Gala, and lots of opportunities to meet hundreds of great art teachers from all over Georgia!
Other Benefits
Capitol Arts Exhibit: show off the artwork of your students to your legislators!
Opportunities for to exhibit student artwork at the State Board of Education, Hartsfield-Jackson airport, and the High Museum of Art.
Advocate for your program with Youth Art Month activities, including the YAM flag design contest.
All-State Art Symposium and NAHS Conference for high school students.
Want to learn more about GAEA?
Please contact:
Cathy Heller, Past President

Lauren Phillips, President

Zerric Clinton, President Elect
How can you join?
Join the Georgia Art Education Association!
We would love to have you join GAEA!
Join us for our Fall Conference!
How do I get someone else to pay for my membership?
Middle and High school teachers can sponsor a NAHS or NJAHS chapter
You can use Artsonia funds: http://www.artsonia.com
Ask your school!
Membership is $80 a year for active members.
How GAEA is working for art educators
GAEA members were involved in every stage of the new Visual Arts standards.
GAEA members also participated in ESSA working and advisory committees.
We are planning more regional workshops to help art teachers implement the new standards, as well as connect teachers with resources from museums, arts centers, and universities.
Our member magazine, Collage, is back! It is an easy way to share the wonderful things happening in your classrooms!
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