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Becoming Naomi Leon

This is a really good book.

Amanda Keene

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Becoming Naomi Leon

Publisher and Publication date
Publication date and Publisher
is 2004 by
Pam Munoz Ryan
Becoming Naomi Leon

The Author or the the book
Becoming Naomi Leon
Pam Munoz Ryan.
When I read this book I had mixed feelings. Although it was a great book some of my feelings made feel sad. It made me feel sad a little because their Mother didn't come back after 7 years and just left them with gram.
The conflict in this book was that their Mom leaves them with their grandmother and doesn't want to have to take care of two children all by herself. Their father left in the middle of the night when Naomi and Owen were really little kids. Now their Mom came back after 7 years and wants to rip the family apart and takes Naomi and Owen to Mexico in search of their father.
Author's purpose
I think that the Author's purpose is to entertain because the Author gets you to have lots of questions and mixed feelings.
The main characters in Becoming Naomi Leon are Naomi, Owen, and Gram. Their Mom is kind of a main character but not really but at the same time because she leaves them with Gram and doesn't come back until 7 years later.
The setting in the story is in Lemon Tree, California.
Here's a video
She has to keep her family together now and keep it like that forever. Can she keep it like that.
In this book Naomi and her brother Owen live with their grandmother ( who they call gram ). Their mom had left them after 7 years. She came back wanting to rip the family apart again and takes Naomi and Owen to Mexico in search of their father.
You should read this!!
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