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No description

Fergie Ferg

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of Audiences

Audience reception theory
Preferred reading
of a media product:
What the producer wants you to think
Active audiences and passive audiences
What sort of things do 'active audiences' do?
How to write about audiences
The audience might disagree with this.....

Some audience members may have an oppositional reading of this because......

Some parts of the audience, for example women might disagree with this because.....

The producers want you to think....but the audience might have an oppositional reading of this....
What would the preferred and oppositional readings be?
Youtube reviews
Oppositional reading
of a text:
When the audience disagrees with the producers intentions and come to a very different conclusion.
Preferred reading
Oppositional reading
Makes Diet Coke seem fun and appealing to a young audience
Active and Passive
The audience of this media product can be active because.....
Learning Aim B products
Star Wars The force Awakens
Official site with more info to read
Lots of tweets and Star wars has an official twitter account
Youtube reviews
Re-edited scenes
The audience of this media product are active because......
How production techniques create meaning, genre and narrative
My practical work
Passive audiences accept media products unquestionably. Active audiences question media texts.

Actively engaging with the media product?
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