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Lindholmen Fermat pedagogy

No description

Torbjörn Lundh

on 9 February 2018

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Transcript of Lindholmen Fermat pedagogy

Är detta bra? Är det signifikant?
Almost the same average, approximately 26 points, but the Fermat group ( blue) has a more rectangular distribution than the (orange) control group.

The standard deviation for these two distributions are 12 for the Fermat group and 9.7 for the control group respectively.

Through an F-test we can reject the null hypothesis that the two groups have the same variance with a p-value of 0.03.
Take less notes at seminars
The copy-club
Institute Mittag-Leffler
Euclid's elements
a method to help students
make effective lecture notes
Fermat Pedagogy
Samuel Bengmark
Torbjörn Lundh
ε δ
Emergency evaluation
Praise and blame during the course
Such a relief, now I get time to listen!

Look here, I take the margin notes to the next level, by expanding the margins with thes postit notes!
Diagnostic test
Are the groups similar at the start?
Stundents own comments about note taking (before the start)
How much do you copy of the notes on the black-board?
(<25%, 25 - 50%, 50 - 75%, > 75%)

Why do you do like that? Are you satified with that, or do you think it might be more efficient to do it differently?
A Kolmogorov-Smirinov test showed that the is similar in that the two results cannot be assumed to come from two different distributions (p=0.46).
However,the control group had a slightly higher average, 4.8 vs 4.7 and a bit lowervariance 4.9 vs 5.4, although not significant as mentioned above.
Take notes to keep focus
Get an alternative to the book
Hard to listen and copy at the same time
Other comment
Take notes to keep focus
I am pretty lazy and easily distracted, it would probably be better if I took more notes

I have a hard time to concentrate for long periods of time.By writing down everything I force myself to concentrate. When I can concentrate anyway, I learn more just by listening since it is easier to understand that way

I think I learn better by writing down & take notes at the same time I listen
Why do we see the result we see?
Is there anything we can go further with?
A course at "tekniskt basår"
300 students,
two groups
An opportunity!
with a light book
Stort tack för att ni kom och lyssnade på oss!
To get an alternative book
[I] think it is better toget down as much as possible, so I can go back and understand the notes later. [I] try to write down in words what is done as much as I have time for — learn more easily if I can read text and see the connections with the examples at the same time

Other comments
Fermat Pedagogy
Fermat pedagogy is defined as the learning environment created when the lecturer uses the course literature in such a way that the students do not need to feel stress to document everything that is presented on the board, or through the projector, but can instead focus on the content in the lecture and to formulate spontaneous question during the lecture.
Difficult to write and listen at the same time
I am content. My own notes are easier to understand than what is written in the book
I want to go back and check what was brought up under the lectures, and it is easier to remember from the material being used as examples than to only check the book. This makes the book to more of a secondary source than if I relied less on the notes.

I learn more when I write myself, since I can then easily add own comments etc
I believe that what is written on the black board is important. I believe that the lecturer has to show all we have to know (that was at least the case with the physics). Thus I will get the most important with me back home as well!
The teacher should go over everything on the lectures that is needed to manage the exercises. Then I know if I write down EVERYTHING on the lectures, I can always go back to my notes and check what got stuck on and see how to move on. Therefore, I write down EVERYTHING!
I learn more when I write myself, since I can then easily add own comments etc.
It does not feel effective [to take notes], [I] listen too little. Too much focus to write down everything.
It is sometimes hard to listen when I write and [I] have unfortunately a hard time understand how mathematics work by reading. Regardless if it is my own notes or the book.
I am not completely happy since I don’t always have time to write down everything I would like. I think it is more effective to write down key words or write faster
The problem with this type of teaching is in my opinion that you are so occupied to write that you don’t get time to understand it. Stop now and then and be quite so we get time to copy and then listen without being occupied by writing. That would make us understand. It is completely impossible to understand well if you have to concentrate on other things at the same time.
Earlier experience of note-taking have not helped me in my studies. I think it depends more on the note-taking technique than the actual information. Thus I try to find new methods to write notes. But at the moment, I have not found it.

I am content, otherwise I would do my note-taking differently.
'Thinking with the hand’
write first,
think afterwards ...
I am happy
The second essential pillar in Fermat Pedagogy is to encourage the students to keep their pens in their hands to make margin notes, illustrations and to underline in order to maintain focus. This will also transform the course literature to their “own”.
You are just talking about what is already in the book. Why can't you make any examples of your own?
You talk too much about irrelevant things that will never be on a written exam!
Abort the experiment!
Håll fokus - håll i pennan - skriv i boken
Var med och aktiv i berättelsen på tavlan
Använd läroboken
Gör läroboken till din
To handle large courses
"Cuius rei demonstrationem mirabilem sane detexi. Hanc marginis exiguitas non caperet"
A call from the department's vice chair
Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers
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