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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

No description

Vangel Chade

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Comparing the book to the movie Comparing the Beginning In the beginning of the book, it talks about the Riddle house and how an old man dies to the unspeakable killing curse, avada kedavra. Harry Potter takes a portkey to the Quiditch world cup, Ireland vs. Bulgaria, with Ron and Hermoine his two best friends. The dark mark is put up by someone and blame is put on Winky the house elf of Barty Crouch and on Harry, Ron and Hermione. Afterwards on the Hogwarts express, the trio see Draco Malfoy and his accomplices, Crabbe and, Goyle.
In the beginning of the movie, it talks about the Riddle House, but not as much as it does in the book. The Quiditch world cup is about the same as the book, however Winky isn't shown in the movie. The dark mark is shown as a great green skull, it is a mark that scares all wizards. Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle are all shown on the Hogwarts Express taunting Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The Beginning of the Middle of the Book The Beginning The End of the Middle of the Book The Middle of the Middle
Of the Book At the end of the middle of the book...
The 4 champions head down to the quiditch pitch, only to find that the pitch has been transformed into a maze. This is the third task to get into the center of the maze, to get to the triwizard cup. However it will not be just any ordinary maze it will be filled with monstors provided by Hagrid In The middle of the middle, Harry Potter is nervous about the first task becaause, it is drawing nearer and nearer. And, to make things worse, Rita Skeeter published her piece about the TriWizard tournament. Rita Skeeter had reported Harry saying an awful lot of things that he couldn't even remember saying, and also reporting that he was the only Hogwarts champion. Ron and Harry had an argument and they haven't spoken to each other ever since. After a little while, Hermione and Harry will meet up with Ron at the Three Broomsticks but, Harry will be in the invisibility cloak since he does not want to see or talk to Ron since their fight. The students in Slytherin have been insulting Harry more than ever. Victor Krum had been in the library a lot and Hermoine and Harry were getting suspicious.When the first task arrived, Harry PIcked his dragon figure. He got the most dangerous dragon, a female Hungarian Horntail after Harry completed his task , with top marks. Ron befriended Harry and Hermione started crying. Now Harry is worried about the 2nd task. But Before the 2nd task there is a yule ball. Hermione wont tell who she`s going with. Finally at the yule ball Hermione emerged from behind the wall wearing a beutifaul blue silk dress. Harry and Ron are stunned. Hermione walks over to Viktor Krum, and he neals and kisses her hand. Ron is furious because he likes Hermione. Now right before the 2nd task Dobby (a free house elf) gave Harry Gillyweed a magical plant that lets you breathe underwater. Dobby tells Harry to eat the gillyweed before he starts the 2nd task. Harry eats the gillyweed and goes into the water. he relizes that he has gills and flippers He took Ron and Gabrielle From the depths of the water and came out last. Here are the scores. Harry was tied with Cerdric Diggory at 45 pionts. Viktor Krum had 40 pionts and Fleur had 25 pionts. In the beginning of the middle they all come back from the Quiditch World cup. Mrs. Weasley was so worried but when she saw them she was so relieved. They got the paper and found out the Rita skeeter ( a lying cheating journalist ), had written yet another lie. Ron, Harry, and Hermione went upstairs and then Harry told them that his scar was hurting again, so he mailed Sirius Black ( Harry's godfather ) asking him what to do. Later they took a very long trip to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express. when they got there they were getting settled down for the start of the term feast. Dumbledore started to talk about the Triwizard Tournement. A dangerous competition between three wizards.Then Mad Eye Moody came storming in. He was going to be the new defense against the dark arts teacher. Harry and the other champions are brought to the old quiditch pitch, only to find a surprise waiting for them.
The pitch has been turned into a full out MAZE! As Bagman explains, the four champions soon learn that there will be monsters in the maze. As Harry is returning to the castle Krum asks for a word. As they talk near the forbidden forest. Mr. Crouch appears,and starts talking jiberish. The only thing Harry can understand is that Mr.Crouch NEEDS to see Dumbledore.
Harry runs to find Dumbledore, but he gets blocked by Snape. By the time he arrives Krum has been stunned, and Mr.Crouch has dissapeared. What a mystery! Mad Eye Moody comes to the Forbidden Forest just a few minuites late. He tells them that Professor Snape had told him that Mr. Crouch was on grounds. He then volunteers to go find Mr.Crouch's body. Karakroff appears at the scene, and accuses Dumbledore of leading him to Hogwarts under false pretences, and he deems Dumbledore as saliva. Hagrid protects Dumbledore and he and Karakroff get into a fight.
The Mystery of Mr. Crouch is on. Harry, Ron,and Hermione brainstorm ideas of how Mr.Crouch could have dissapeared, it is early morning and they are in the owlery. After a while they hear Fred and George discussing a blackmail. They discuss the blackmail but figure nothing could be that wrong.
They visit Professor Moody to see if he has seen Mr.Crouch appear on the Mauderer's Map. Unfortunatly he hasn't. He tells Harry that he must practice for the 3 rd task, the deadly maze. Harry receives a letter from Sirius (His godfather) telling him he is not to go out afterhours and telling him that he should practice some hexes, and jinxes. Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide to practice some handy jinxes such as the stunning spell.. After a while Ron starts to complain. Just as the belll rings for their next class, With Professor Trewaelney. Ron 'miraculously' predicts that Trewalneys room will be sweltering. As a matter of fact is because of the crisp spring weather and the never-out fire. As Professor Trewalney rambles on about Mars Harry feels a tingly feeling and he falls asleep. In his dream he sees Voldemort and his servant Wormtail. When he wakes up he goes to visit Dumbledore and he eavesdrop's on Dumbledore's conversation with Fudge. Moody catches him and Dumbledore tells him to wait inside his office while they continued there conversation outside. The 3rd tasks maze EXPELLIARMUS!!! Aww! COME ON! While Harry is in Dumbledore's office he discovers a peculiar stone basin. Harry leans quite close to the basin and he falls into the magical orange substance inside the basin. There he lands and finds himself in a room, filled with benches and roughly 200 wizards. There he finds himself on a bench right next to professor Dumbledore. But when he makes a noiose no one hears him what is going on. He realises he must be in some sort of memory. Suddenly the room goes silent as a few dementor's enter the room with an unlikely person, Karakroff!! Harry then hears another voice, Mr.Crouch. Karakroff is trying to get out of Azkaban by providing names of death eaters. he is not freed. the mist swirls around him yet again and harry is brought to another place. Suddenly he sees Bagman, Ludo Bagman in the chair. Ludo gets out, thanks to the crowd ofwitches and wizards congratulating him on his splendid preformance against Turkey. The mist swirled around Harry once more. Once again he finds himself in a courtroom. This time Mr.Crouch looks extremely agitated. Suddenly he sees dementors bringing in a man. The man pleads guilty and calls Mr. Crouch his father. The young man is sent to the dementors when a hand reaches out on to Harry's shoulder it is Dumbledore. They return to Dumbledore's office where Harry's then finds out that all of the whispy stuff was actually Dumbledore's memory. IMPENDIMPETA!!! Mad Eye Moody Hermione Harry Potter Ron The 1st task
Movie clip Harry Potter in 99seconds.
A summary of the 8 movies.
The Philosiphers Stone
The Chamber of Secrets
The Prisoner of Azkaban
The Goblet of Fire
The Order of Pheonix
The Half Blood Prince
The Deathly Hallows Part 1
The Deathly Hallows Part 2 The Trailer for
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Dumbledore agrees with Harry that Voldemort is getting stronger. While talking to Ron and Hermione they list down suspects. Harry is practicing the spells that Hermione has found for him. As they practice they see Draco with his hand cupped around his face, just like a walkie talkie. Brings in an article about his head hurting during divination. How could she have known? Suddenly Hermione thinks of something and she
immediately goes to the library. Furthermore Professor McGonagall tells him that the champions family will see them in the great hall. She doesn't expect the Dursley's to come. Does she? When he gets to the Great hall he finds a surprise. Mrs. Weasley and Bill are waiting for him! They ask him to give them a tour of Hogwarts as it has changed quite a bit. Afterwards the Third task begins, the pressure is on. Harry and Cedric go into the maze first then they meet up in a fork and Harry takes the left fork. He encounters many magical beasts, like the boggart. He and Cedric meet up again and Cedric tells him how huge the blast ended screwts are. They seperate again and he finds Fleur fallen. Harry finds a blast ended screwt and he only afterwards just gets away with his life. Then after a couple wrong turns he sees Krum saying crucio aiming at Cedric. They seperate yet again and Harry find a sphinx which gives him a puzzling riddle. The answer is a spider. Then he comes to the ultimate prize the Triwizard cup. But he is sure that Cedric will get their first on his long legs he is already running towards the brilliant cup. When Cedric sees Harry coming though, he immedeatly stops and tells Harry to take the cup, Harry disagrees wanting Cedric to take the cup. They agree to take the cup at the same time. But when they touch it they start to fly through the air , it is a portkey. The movie clip is from the scene
where Harry Potter learns defence
against the arts in Mad Eye Moody's
class. When they land they find themselves in a misty graveyard. They pull out their wands when all of a sudden a green light flashes out while a man screams 'Avada Kedavra' the killing curse. Suddenly Cedric dies his eyes wide with fright. Then Peter Petigrew Ron's former rat, comes and attaches Harry to a skeleton. Then he starts to recite a poem he then takes Harry's blood and pours it into a cauldron sudenly a figure appears a very familiar figure it is Voldemort!! D:
Then Voldemort touches Petigrew's Dark Mark to call all of the death eaters to him. He is dissapointed with his death eaters for not searching for him earlier. Voldemort then helps Peter's bloody arm. He then touches Harry's face for the first time. Harry sreams in pain because his scar is hurting so much. He then tells the story of his return and he tells Harry to duel with him to the death The dark lord rises again! (a.k.a Voldemort) The triwizard Cup Voldemort forces him to bow and then they
begin their duel. Harry only knows one dueling spell, expalliarmus. Then he yells expalliarmus as Voldemort uses the killing curse, avada kedavra. when their wands join ghosts appear Cedric's telling him to bring back his body, others telling him to hang on and then his mother telling him that his father will be coming. Then his father comes and tells him to break the connection and to go back to hogwarts. He then lets go and accios the cup and Cedric's body to him and lands back into the middle of the maze. When Harry, Ron. and Hermione go to Moody's class. He teaches them about the 3 unforgivable curses, Avada Kedavra, Imperio, and Crucio. Avada Kedavra the killing curse was the exact one that killed his parents. They then go to a feast to welcome Durmstrang and Beauxbatons the 2 other participating schools in the Triwizard tournament. Dumbledore goes over the rules and puts up the triwizard cup to decide who will be participating in the tourament. He also says there will be an age line. The twins Fred and George start to plan how to use their age potion. In the movie, Harry is also nevous about the first task because it almost arriving. Rita Skeeter also published her article about the triwizard tournament. Things Harry never even said was in the newspaper. After it is all the same between the book and movie until the yule Hermione is wearing a pink dress in the movie. in the book Pro.McGonagall is with Ludo Bagman but then in the movie she was dancing with Pro.Dumbledore. In the 2nd task in the movie Neville gives Harry the gillyweed but not Dobby. Of the Book Of the Movie
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