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In Praise of the F Word

No description

Meagan Cole

on 1 July 2010

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Transcript of In Praise of the F Word

Inferencing In Praise of the F Word
by Mary Sherry Writing Activity:
Write a paragraph and describe in detail an event in which your parent was upset with you.
A prepositional phrase is the preposition plus the object.
To find what the object is ask yourself “Preposition what?”
Ex: ‘through what?’, ‘before what?’ ‘around what?’ etc.
Our son was a high-school senior when he had her . "He sits talking," she told me. "Why don't you move him?" I urged, believing the embarrassment would get him to settle down. Mrs. Stifter looked."I don't move seniors," she said. "I flunk them." I was flustered. Our son's academic life flashed. No teacher had ever threatened him before. I regained my composure and managed to say that I thought she was right. I got home I was feeling pretty good. It was a radical approach, but, well, why not? "She's going to flunk you," I told my son. I did not discuss it any further. Suddenly English became a priority. He finished.

Partner Activity
Discuss how the paragraph changed when all of the prepositional phrases were removed.
What is the purpose of prepositional phrases?
Writing Activity
Return to the event you wrote about earlier. Mark all the prepositions that you used in your paper and count them.
Now if you had more than 5 prepositional phrases, rewrite the same event using less than 5.
If you had less than 5 rewrite the same event with more than 5 prepositional phrases.
What has changed about this paragraph?
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