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Phonathon Training - Fall 2015

No description

Matt Dymoke

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of Phonathon Training - Fall 2015

Phonathon Training - Fall 2017
What is the Concordia Annual Fund and Why Does It Matter?
The Annual Fund raises money to help offset costs for the college, especially tuition costs for students.
Your job:
Update Information:
Verify Contact information and gather updates from our alumni and friends
What Do We Do?
As a member of the Phonathon, our job is to earn money for the Annual Fund
C-400: leadership donors who donate more than $1250 a year
these donations go directly to student scholarships
We do that through calling alumni, parents, and friends of the college to achieve our goals:
This year: Our goal is $250,000
Split into 3 major parts:
Update our friends and alumni about what's going on on campus, get to know who they are and what their experience was like, and figure out how we can help them
Raise money for the Annual Fund
Why is our work important?
What Makes Concordia Special?
Why Would Someone Donate?
Why would someone NOT donate?
How will this role benefit YOU?
Let's Break Down the Call
1. Prepare for the call
2. Introduction
3. Verify Information
4. Build Relationship
5. Ask for a Gift
6. Matching Gifts
7. Thank and Close
This is a GUIDELINE, not a requirement
Turn it into your own words, don't try and sound like something you're not
Listen to other callers - if you like something you hear, use it yourself!
This is yours to keep - bring it home, practice, write notes - do whatever you need to do to be successful.
Prepping for the Call:
Step 1: What do we have in common?
Majors, study abroad, experiences
Hometown, jobs, etc.
Belief that Concordia is important
Step 2: Get to Know the Person
Pronounce their name correctly
Look at previous call activity (donations, voicemails, comments)
Step 3: Get ready to go
When you feel ready, start the call
Don't be afraid - you got this.
Step 2: Introduce yourself
"Hi, my name is Matt and I am a sophomore here at Concordia. Do you have a few minutes to chat with me tonight?"
Don't use your last name
Don't act like a telemarketer
Step 1: Ask for the Alum
If they aren't available, we'll call them back
If spouse is an alum, you can talk to either
Step 3: If they are okay to talk, then proceed with the call. If not, schedule a call back
Verify Information:
Step One: Check to make sure they're information is correct
This is a conversation, not a checklist: Insert all the information into sentence form
" Shelby, are you still living at 900 E 106th Street in Bloomington, MN? Is this phone number your cell or your home phone?"
Step Two: Make sure EVERYTHING is spelled correctly
Double check spellings, especially on emails
Name, Address, Employer, and Email
Build Relationship:
Step One: Make a connection
Have a conversation, not a checklist
Figure out what you have in common with the person
Step Two: Ask questions and let the conversation drive your script
Open ended questions like "What was your favorite memory of your college experience" or "What activities were you involved in outside of the classroom" and see what happens
Be positive and bring in what they're saying into the conversation
Step Three: Update the person on what's going on on campus
Homecoming, Christmas Concerts, New Hires, Exciting News
Look up from your script and see what they're interested in
Relationship Building Tips
Use a positive tone of voice, but don't be fake
Listen to the caller, and use that info in the conversation
Let the caller vent, but try to make a positive spin
SMILE while you DIAL - don't be cranky or they will be too
Balance the conversation; don't do all the talking
Let them know you're listening, don't just say "cool..."
Now Comes the Moment You've All Been Waiting For
Ask for the Pledge:
Step One: Explain what you're asking for
"Support from alumni like yourself help to lower the cost of tuition for all students, taking nearly $2000 off of tuition each year."
Step Two: Use language that will draw them in
" Can we count on you for a gift of ......"
Step Three: Avoid saying "lesser" or "smaller", instead use "different amount"
It May Not Always Be Super Easy
You may experience awkward silence while they think
LET THEM THINK - don't rush them
If they need more reasons, be prepped to give them some
They may not want to give at the amount you stated, and that's okay
Don't come off as abrasive - be supportive
Matching Gifts
These are gifts matched by companies to encourage charitable giving amongst their employees
You'll check to see if their employer is one of our matching companies on the website
You can also ask the person if they're company has a matching program
Thank You and Close Call
These people don't have to give, they choose to. So we need to be extremely thankful for gifts of ALL sizes.
Pledge: Confirmation of a pledge and payment
"Thank you, Gloria, we really appreciate your support. We'll run your credit card with a gift of $10 a month. Hope to see you at Homecoming in the fall!"
No Pledge:
Thank you, we still appreciate you
"Thank you, Emily for taking the time to chat with me tonight. If you find that you can give a gift this year, visit our website at www.cord.edu/give and we hope to chat with you soon."
Considering: Not today, but hopefully someday
"Thank you for taking the time to chat with me tonight. We'll send you some more information in the mail and we hope you are able to make a gift this year to the Annual Fund"
Tips and Tricks for Success
Face rejection and remain positive
Make the person feel important
Begin each call with confidence
Don't be eating, drinking, or chewing gum
Close the call in a positive and professional manner
Be authentic - but don't be lazy
Be a Professional:
Do Your BEST WORK - this is an important job!
Be there - or find a sub
Be Positive & Respectful
Remember your objectives:
Update, Connect & Fundraise
Represent Concordia Well
You are the face of tech college during these calls!
A friend or alumni's most recent experience with Concordia
What You Can Expect From Us:
A resume-building position
A fun and goal-oriented work environment
The resources you need to be successful
Individual support
Rewards for your successes
Some changes/updates for this year
Things to Remember:
These people were students, parents, and they know the people here. There are obvious connections between you - it's your job to find them
Sometimes you're going to have bad calls. Don't take it personally, but feel free to take a minute to breathe if you need to
Mean people might yell at you, but it's not your job to take abuse. Don't hang up on them - let the manager take over and they can handle it.
Other Information:
Timecards are IMPORTANT - otherwise you don't get paid
You will submit at work each night, so please don't forget
Pay is $10/hour
You have to fill out 1-9 and W-2 forms at HR before your first day
If you don't get paid right away, let us know ASAP.
Any questions?
We're excited for the year to start - we hope you are too!
Matt Dymoke
Attendance and Schedule
Attendance Policy:
You are expected to be at all of your shifts unless you find a sub
You will have 2 "Get Out of Jail Free" Cards per semester
Failure to show up/communicate will result in loss of shifts
You MUST message Grace about shift changes
You should've received a schedule when you arrived. Please check it to see what nights you're scheduled for. You are responsible for these shifts, so please let me know ASAP (like tonight) if these shifts will not work for you.
Facebook Page:
Looking for a sub? Post in our Phonathon 2017-18 Facebook Group!
Dollar Amount
7 gifts
15 gifts
30 gifts
45 gifts
60 gifts
75 gifts
90 gifts
Pizza Cutter OR Water Bottle
Hour Added to Time Card
Free Pizza
2 Hours Added to Time Card
Cobber T Shirt
Cobber Sweatshirt
Areas of Focus for 2017-18
Credit Cards:
With every pledge, we will first ask what kind of card they want. This way, we can save tons of money on postage and printing, AND secure the pledge right away! If they are insistent on paying via check, that is just fine - we just prefer credit if possible.
Monthly Giving:
Our goal is to create sustaining gifts by asking for monthly installments, dependent on what pool we are calling. This has proven to help us get more money and be less of a burden for our donors.
Thank You Videos:
In efforts to create a lasting impression with our donors, we will be creating personalized thank you videos each night for specific donors using an iPad. We'll go over this more during training this week.
Remind101, Communication, and Stuff
Join this to get updates about time cards, shifts, and such!
The Concordia Language Villages
What is CLV?
CLV are full immersion language camps in Northern Minnesota. These camps have been around for 50 years and have hundreds of kids every summer that attend. Our goal is to help fundraise for scholarships for campers.
Welcome to Phonathon 2017-18!
$5 gift card for highest participation rate and credit card rate each pay period
$10 gift card for each caller than raises certain dollar amount per month
Pizza party for the night that raises the most $$ per month
Katherine Halvorson
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