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A part of my life

No description

Audrey Gosselin Dion

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of A part of my life

Where i come from ?
At the same time I am doing zumba, I lost 40LB. This is during five month's. I am another person and I am better in my body ! My self confidence was really better and when I can, I am going to the house of my new friend's. With this activity's I change my mind and my body and I am very proud!
What happened after ?
When I was 14 year's old, I haven't self confidence and I have to change this. My mom and me decided to choose an activity who can helped me, so I start to do Horse riding.
What happened next...
I am doing Horse riding during two year's but my horse are gone. He is dead. I decided to find another activity who I thinking I can like this. I found the Zumba.
The first time I tried Zumba, I really not like this because you have to dance. The next time I was going, I began to like this and finally, today it's my favorite activity !
Zumba next...
In few month, I became a good dancer and I make a lot of friend's who I really love !
A part of my life
Thank you!
I was born in Sherbrooke. My mom's family came from Ireland and my dad's family came from United States. Maybe in the future, I was going in Ireland!
Halloween !
Who i am ?
I am a girl who doesn't like to exposed herself to other's. I never going on my friend's home because I am really embarrassed.
I needed the presence of my father, but a few year's before, he gone with another girlfriend and he never spoke to me after ..
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