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drums, girls, and dangerous pie

No description

megan boaz

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of drums, girls, and dangerous pie

Drums, Girls, Dangerous Pie stevens girls... annette ranee steven jeffrey the family by:Megan Boaz leukemia Samantha organized a concert to fund the
jeffrey alper medical trust of the
big concert benifitting jeffrey cancer patient who told steven
"never leave your brother steven stay with him." piano prodigy cares about steven breaks her arm for the big concert cant play plays in All City Band steven is in love
<3 <3 only likes steven when jeffrey gets cancer wears skanky outfits all the boys drool over them jeffreys brother has trouble doing homework while jeffrey is at the hospital
plays for all city band drummer in love with ranee albert loves his brother
jeffrey loveing son ms.Gally helps him dad mom grandrents' hard to pay the bills love jeffrey and take great care of him kind of leave steven out by taking care of jeffrey so much take care of steven when he gets sick only do "old" people things. wants to do everything she can for her children quits job to stay home with jeffrey doesnt talk to steven, because hes scared tyies to pay bills, but its hard has leukimia matt medic helps him started with some
moatmeal his parts hurt perfect child kindergarden over powers everything and everyone...
but brings families closer like never before
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