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Pi's Heroic Journey

Multimedia presentation about the quest pattern using Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

Liam Johnson

on 15 July 2010

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Transcript of Pi's Heroic Journey

The Heroic Quest of Pi A Hero's Journey Joseph Cambell states that there are
5 distinct phases in the evolution of
a hero: Call to Adventure
Crossing the Threshold (Entering the Unknown)
Trials and Tribulations of the Journey
Attainment of Enlightenment
Return of the Hero Themes Will to Survive
Relativity of Truth
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Beast Thesis Statement Pi attains enlightenment and becomes
his own hero with his strong will to live throughout his epic journey. The Call to Adventure This stage signifies that destiny has
summoned upon the hero and they
are transferred from their regular
part in society to a world of unknown. This phase begins in the novel when
the big cargo ship first starts to go down.
Pi is unaware of what will happen, but
realizes that what is to come will not be
his usual setting. Crossing of the Threshold In this phase is when the hero will leave behind the
known and enter into the unexplored and unknown.
This phase also known as the departure, and it is one
where the hero feels out of balance, and it is a long and
dangerous journey ahead. This is the part in the book where Pi first realizes that
he is by no means alone on this little lifeboat, but is in
fact accompanied by a few animals. This is where the
two minor themes of Man vs. Nature and Man vs. Beast
first come into play. Trials and Tribulations This point in the quest is when the hero must
problem solve. They know that they have a task
to complete and they continue at it. This phase in the novel is the most of the period
time when Pi is alone on the life boat with the
animals. He is forced to overcome many of his fears
and has one main goal in mind - make it to shore
safely. This is where the main theme of survival and
will to live is illustrated. He is faced with many
challenges and must overcome them. Attainment of Enlightenment In this phase, the hero finally feels comfortable
again in the state that he/she is in. The main goal has not necessarily been achieved, but the hero is well on their way there, and it is soon to come. This phase is evident inthe novel when Pi
is finally comfortable with his fishing, and especially
when he has figured out a way to somewhat tame
Richard Parker and certainly mark his territory. This
once again touches on that theme of survival. Return of the Hero Having attained enlightenment, the hero
quest has been accomplished. The hero must
now decide where to settle. In the novel, the return of the hero occurs
in my opinion not until after Pi decides that he
will return to Canada. When he lands on Mexico
he has completed his task but has not yet
decided what to do next. The theme of relativity
of truth comes into play when Pi tells both stories
to the investigators and with no factual
difference they say that they enjoyed the one
with the animals more. They choose what to
believe. Conclusion Many different themes are discussed throughout this amazing novel, and Pi battles through a classic example of the quest pattern with his intelligence, bravery, will to live, and idea of a better story.
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