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Traveling to Australia

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Transcript of Traveling to Australia

Sidney Opera House
Tours and facilities
Luxury Eco Tour to the Blue Mountains from Sydney for small groups is only 250.44 dollars!

Sydney Pass: SEA LIFE Aquarium, Sydney Tower Eye, WILD LIFE Sydney, Sydney Harbour Cruise, and Madame Tussauds is only 74.76 dollars!

Cruise with dinner and cabaret show by the Sydney Harbour is only 90.27 dollars!

Sidney Harbour Bridge
Taxi Airport-Hotel
$80.61 USD roundtrip
Trip from Sidney International Airport to the Sidney Waterfront Inn.
10.8 km in one direction. (16 min)
$3.17 start
$1,554.50 USD, roundtrip per person from San Diego to Sidney, with stops on LA.
The trip lasts for 17 H, 50 M; making the stop for 1H 51M on LA.
Departure: April 1st 2014, 6:30 PM
Arrival: April 3rd 2014, 6:20 AM
Served by Skywest Delta Connection, on a Delta 4532 plane.
Economic class.

Other transports

We can provide you with several other transports for just a small fee or for free.
Free bus for each tour included in the trip. Other tours charge extra.
Rent of a Segway i2 for two days just $440 dollars.
We recommend the taxi corporation ABC Taxis Sidney.
If you usual wake up at 7:00 am, in Australia you will wake up at 1:00 am of the next day. You need to accustom your self to wake up at a good hour to eat, explore and enjoy tours. You will stay wake but you can enjoy a brilliant tour to the magnificent places.
During the following presentation, we are going to be explaining one of the package Sydney has to offer you. We recommended to you, because of the experience that you won't forget.
Displaying some of the most famous hotels at the touristic center in Australia.

New Adventure
Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The Opera House to the Botanic Gardens Walk.
Cremorne Point to Mosman Bay Walk.
Royal Botanic G
Sydney Opera H
Chinese Garden
of Friendship.
Palm Beach.
Group 703
Luis Ivan Santillana Iribe Plane, hotel, food
Amhed Toledo Flores General schedule
Adriana Ruíz Soto History of Australia, tours and facilities
Ana Paola Garcia Prado Places to visit, taxi, transport
Centli Juan Gálvez Ortega Presentation, hours and insurance
History of Sidney
Captain James Cook
Places to Visit
Package Sidney
Traveling to

We can include a Travel Select insurance from Travelex. It includes:
Kids under 21 covered without any additional cost.
Luggage protection.
Global emergency service of medical type and evacuations.
Rental car insurance coverage.
Day 1
Sidney as a Cultural City
10:00 AM Meeting point at the Hotel First Street View.
11:00 AM Sidney Historical Museum
12:00 PM Box lunch provided by us
1:00 PM Sidney Marine Mammal and Historical Museum
3:00 PM Visit to Saint Elizabeth Church
3:30 PM Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre
5:30 PM Return to the hotel

Day 2
Family Day
8:00 AM Meeting point at the Hotel Oceanside View
8:30 AM Peter Grant Park
9:30 AM Walk by the Great Shore Park
10:00 AM Ferry Trip
10:45 AM Rose Garden visit
12:00 PM Beacon Plaza
2:00 PM Walk by the Beacon Community
2:15 PM Finish at the Station
Day 3
Darling Harbour
10:00 AM Meeting point at Beacon Ave.
11:00 AM Arrival to Darling Harbour
11:00 AM Powerhouse Museum
1:00 PM Chinese Garden of Friendship and Tumbalong Walk
2:00 PM IMAX Theather
3:40 PM Sealife Aquarium
5:00 PM Australian Maritime Museum
7:00 PM Return to the hotel
Day 4
Blue Mountains
8:00 AM Meeting point at the hotel
10:00 AM Visit to the city of Penrith
12:00 PM Tour to the indian caves
1:00 PM Tour by the mines
2:00 PM Tour to the forest
3:00 PM Tour to the lake
4:00 PM Supper at Penrith
6:00 PM Return to the hotel
Day 5
Harbour and city
10:00 AM Meeting point at the hotel
11:00 AM Arrival at Darling Harbour
11:30 AM Arrival to the City Marina
12:00 PM Lunch at the bay
01:00 PM Visit to Sidney Opera House
01:40 Trip through the educational and university complex
02:30 PM Visit through the Government complex
03:20 PM Trip through the Harbour Bridge and the Tunnel.
4:00 PM Return to the hotel
Sidney Waterfront Inn
Townside Studio Suite, 1 queen bed with kitchenette.
Located in the corner of Beacon Ave. and First Street.
Up to two persons per room
Near the bay, many amenities by the house.
We recommend this restaurants near the hotel:
Boondocks Cafe
Haros Restaurant & Bar
Beacon Landing Bar & Grill
Fish on Fifth
Sidney is Australia´s oldest city, being the first british colony in the whole island.

Originally populated by indigenous people, in 1788 british ships brought convicts to Sidney because they didn´t want them in England. But convicts were very hard-working people, and soon they made a town that will later become one of the world´s most important ports.
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