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CA Info Session Presentation

No description

Alex Reyes

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of CA Info Session Presentation

Our Mission
"Across our entire range of communities and price points, consistently provide every resident with an environment conducive to healthy living, personal growth, academic achievement and professional success."
American Campus Communities
206 total communities
83 on campus developments
96 different campuses
$9.6 Billion total enterprise value
What is a Community Assistant?
Community Assistants help ensure that are residents have the best living experience at our communities- one of healthy living, academic success and a spirit of community. They also assist in leasing efforts, resident events, and marketing campaigns.

Guerilla Marketing on campus with promo as an effort to increase traffic in our offices
Attending Drexel Basketball games with promo and raffle prizes
Promoting specials on floor plans via social media sites
Give tours to prospective residents and their families
Act as a customer service representative for your community
Generate leases and serve as a sales agent
"Our mission keeps us focused;
our values help us get there."

Sophomore Priority Period
Drexel Basketball Gam
Res Life
Plan and host monthly events for residents
Serve as the go to person for any residents who need help or have questions
Always strive to create a home away from home for residents
Cartoons and Cereal
Why be a CA?
Develop your leadership skills
Gain Marketing and Sales Experience
Have a job that is flexible with your academic schedule
Make an impact
Join The Family
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