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Mexican Alebrijes; Imaginary Creatures Lesson Plan

students take inspiration from cultural folk art & integrate literacy

Ms. C

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of Mexican Alebrijes; Imaginary Creatures Lesson Plan

imaginary creatures

Alebrijes are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of
creatures. This means that they come from someone's
The first alebrijes began with an artist name Pedro Linares
who lived in Mexico City, Mexico. In 1936, Pedro became ill with a high fever and dreamed of the creatures at night.
this is a Mexican alebrije-
what does this creature seem like?
what do you like about him?
Pedro dreamed he was in a forest with rocks and clouds, many of which turned into wild, unnaturally colored creatures, which frequently featured wings, horns, tails, fierce teeth and bulgy eyes. While seeing the creatures, he heard a crowd of voices which repeated the meaningless word "alebrije."
Later, Pedro began to create the creatures he saw in his dreams by using cardboard and paper mache. His work caught the attention of an art gallery owner, and then many famous artists who began asking him to create more. Other artists now carry on the tradition of creating alejibres, and they have become a distinctive part of Mexican folk art.
Today you will be working on creating your own alebrijas- fantastical creatures of your very own that come from your own imagination. When you are creating your piece, I want you to think about the

of the character you are creating. In other words, if it were to magically come to life, what would it be like?

Consider this when making your creative choices.

-What are some imaginative ideas for dream-like qualities your creatures can have in the way they
-What are some ideas for qualities your creatures can have in the way they
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