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Passenger Transport for Travel & Tourism

Week 1 Session 2

David Brice

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Passenger Transport for Travel & Tourism

Passenger Transport for Travel & Tourism

Week 1 Session 2

In this session !
Recap of previous session
You will be able to describe the structure of the rail industry.
Be able to investigate rail travel and its features
including light rail, underground and trams.
First of all let's recap

Can you all name a UK airport?
What facilities would a tourist have if they were getting a train from Kings Cross to Penzance?
What does off peak mean?
A young couple wanting to travel from London to Edinburgh for a short break. How would you recommend they get there?
First of all...A question!
What forms of transport use rail?
Trains - Light rail - Underground
First of all some facts about rail transport

Railways were introduced in mid 19th century and were for a long time the most popular form of transport.

Question - what invention started the decline in rail?
Today rail travel accounts for around 12% of all tourist travel in the UK
However, in the last 5 years passenger numbers have increased by 20%.
In 2012/13 over 1.5 billion passenger journeys were made with over 20,000 train services each day.
Since 1996 over £30 billion has been invested in Britain's railways. (see handout)
As well as the network rail services there are a number
of niche rail services developed specifically for tourists.
These include the many restored steam railways in the
UK, such as the Vale of Rheidol Railway in Wales, and
luxury rail services such as the Orient Express offering exclusive day trips in the UK
One of the best known niche tourist railways is the Settle to Carlisle railway.
It is used to transport passengers between 2 places but also it is used by tourists because of the amazing journey through The Yorkshire Dales.

Fact about the Settle Carlisle Railway. It's 72 miles long and built in 1876. It now clocks up 1.2 million journeys a year. The line was nearly scrapped a few years ago. Watch this short video as a steam train crosses the famous Ribblehead Viaduct, part of this railway line.
It's important to understand that the UK is divided up and different areas are run by different train operators.
e.g. East Coast - Trans Pennine Express - West Coast - Northern etc etc
All these networks connect to each other
Lets do an activity.
Look at the East Coast Line route map (handout).
- Would you use the East Coast Line to go from London to Manchester ?
If you were to travel from Newcastle to Glasgow would you use the East Coast line?
How many stations would you pass through if you were going from Doncaster to Edinburgh via Leeds ?
Could you reach Harrogate on the East Coast line?
OK....Another question !
How many train companies do you think operate in the UK?
There are 28 train operating companies.
Take a look at the handout that your teacher will give you with the names of all the train companies on and see if you can work out which company you would use to travel from Leeds to Bristol ...
The answer is ...Cross Country Trains
Another handout to give you !
This is a print out from Cross Country Trains.
What's the cheapest standard single fare?
What time does the train leave Leeds?
How many changes?
How much is the cheapest First Class single fare?
The cheapest single fare is £32.80, but there are restrictions. There are no refunds and you must catch the train at the time you have booked.
Flexible fares cost more - this means you can catch any train. Cheapest First Class fare is £66.70.
Let's look at other rail services briefly!
London Docklands Light Railway
The Docklands Light Railway is an automated light metro or light rail system
opened in 1987 to serve the redeveloped Docklands area of London.
In 2013 the DLR carried over 101 million passengers
Look at the National Rail Connections handout!
This map shows you how different rail systems connect. The map includes a bit of the London Underground, overground trains including Eurostar and the DLR.

- Which line will you need to take if you were going to World Travel Market at ExCel?
You would get off the DLR at Custom House for ExCel
You have all heard of the London Underground.

Who has been on it ?
Which other UK cities apart from London have one?
Glasgow has its "Subway"
Newcastle has its "Metro"
Merseyside has a very small underground called "Merseyrail". It runs under the River Mersey and a bit of the city centre.
And ....Trams!
Has anyone seen Trams or been on one?
You can see them in several UK cities
like Sheffield.
See the handout about trams and discuss.
Thanks for taking part in this session ...next session is about ferries, bus and coach, park and ride, airports and network rail
Recap - learning quiz
Write down the answers to the following questions
1. What caused trains to go into decline?
2. Name a scenic railway route used by tourists?
3. What does DLR stand for?
4. What's the name of the train company operating between London and Leeds?
5. Which rail organization is responsible for 40,000 railway bridges in the UK?
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