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TRIFLES By Susan Glaspell

No description

makayla hairston

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of TRIFLES By Susan Glaspell

TRIFLES By Susan Glaspell
(2) How does the setting of the play contribute to our understanding of Minnie Wrights Position ?
- In The Country Away From Everything And Lonely .
(3) How Does The Entrance Of The Characters Distinguish Between The Men And The Women?
- The men are confident and ready to find evidence to solve the case , and the women were very hesitant.
(1).How Do You Explan The Play's Title ? In What Ways Does TheIronic Title Of The Play Shape Its Meaning?
- Trifles Means With Less Value. At The End the not so important Became important Things/Evidence.
Ma'Kaylaa Harston
(4) What Are The Main Difference Between Minnie Foster And Minne Wright ?
- Minnie Foster was lively, pretty and love to sing. Minnie Wright doesn't sing or do any of fun activity's since she got married.
(5) Why Do The Men Miss All The Real Evidence, And Why Do The Women Cover it Up ?
- The men think that its just girl stuff that doesn't prove anything , and the women try to cover it up because the men keep doubting them.
(6) Explain The Symbolism Of The House,Quilt,Birdcage And Bird.
- It Symbolized, the wright's marriage , and issues between the two.
- In This Story , Mr.Wright Who Was Strangled In His Sleep , His Wife Mrs.Wright Which Is Accused And Being Held In Jail , To Prove Her Guilty The Sheriff, Mr.Hale And The County Attorney . Search To Find A Modem , But Is Missing Important Information By Being Bias To Female Things
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