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Please do not copy without my permission, thank you

kc potter

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of plot

Plot Diagram
A plot diagram is used to map the events in a story
1. Exposition
2. Rising Action
3. Climax
4. Falling Action
4. Resolution
This usually occurs at the beginning of a story. Here the characters are introduced. We also learn about the setting of the story.
This part of the story begins to develop the conflict(s). A building of interest or suspense occurs.
This is the turning point of the story. Usually the main character comes face to face with a conflict. The main character will usually change in some way.
All loose ends of the plot are tied up. The conflict(s) and climax are taken care of.
The story comes to a reasonable ending.
First, let's take a trip over the plot diagram
Now let's discuss what those things mean
Let's practice with a short video first
What was the...
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