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Does Music Affect Memory?

My 10th grade Science Fair Project ^_^

Arooba Ilyas

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Does Music Affect Memory?

A project by Arooba M. Ilyas. Err... Why, bro? Purpose and Hypothesis How I got people to agree.. Procedure!!! Data (kinda) and Conclusion! So I did this project, because I was having some problems studying and memorizing facts.

I heard from a friend that music can be helpful when trying to learn and remember new things.

So I decided to test it out! ^_^ The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether or not music affected the memorization capabilities of children/adolescents 10-19 years old.

The hypothesis was that if music was played while the participant looked over the words, then they would remember more than if no music was played. SO! here are the procedures: Does Music Affect Memory??? We went to several boring tea parties in one week, I took my laptop to them and I got all the other teens who didn't want to be there to do the project with me.... (it's amazing what you can get bored teens to do!) "Next bubble" so I got the "kids" to come one by one into a separate room with me, and participate in the project.... Took them one by one into the separate room
Asked them to read the list with out music (3 min)
Waited (2 min)
Tested (as long as it took)
repeated all the steps with music.
repeated all the steps again, with all the other bored teens... Btw: i was listening to "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons while doing this ^_^ I decided to use "Beauty and a Beat" by Justin Beiber as my music ;P HAHAHAHAHA torture to the kiddies!!!! LOL, JK But seriously -_-' OKAY!!! after I got all the data I needed over the course of 3 days, I averaged it......
the "without music" was 5.7
the "with music" was 7.9

SOOOOOO in conclusion, the hypothesis was supported and it turns out that music DOES help when studying!!! YAY! an excuse for listening to music while doing homework! like a boss!
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