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LinkedIn: Are you making the most of it?

No description

Estanis Bouza

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of LinkedIn: Are you making the most of it?

LinkedIn: Are you making the most of it?
Mona Vadher - Employer Engagement Advisor
Estanis Bouza - Careers Consultant

How many people are on LinkedIn?
400 million!
How long will it take for LinkedIn to get one extra million members?
5.7 days!
What percentage of LinkedIn members log in daily?
That's 120 million!
For how long?
average 17 minutes
of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on their social profile

of those reconsiderations being negative
So, how can LinkedIn help you?
Getting Job Email Alerts
Connecting with Professionals
Conducting Company Research
Letting Companies Find You
Connecting with Other Students and Alumni
Landing International Jobs
So where do you start?
Building a great Profile
Be sure to include:
Profile photo
Profile summary/ Professional headline
Education details
Details of current and past job roles/volunteering/ internships etc.
“You are 40 times more likely to receive connections if your profile is 100% complete” Denise Taylor ‘How to Use LinkedIn to find a new job’
Your headline is a short, memorable professional slogan.

For example:

‘Psychology Graduate, with two years' experience in Survey Design. Interested in Market Research and Analysis’

You should have a professional looking headshot as your LinkedIn photo so people can put a face to a name. People are statistically more likely to speak to you if you have a face picture.
Don’t leave this blank. Be concise and confident about your qualifications and goals.

Who are you, what drives you and what are you doing! Make it interesting and engaging. Include relevant work experience and extracurricular activities. Add your specialisms.

What would you write?
Think about this for two minutes and share it with the person next to you.

Enhance its effectiveness with media!
Work History / Volunteering
Be specific!
Make sure you sell yourself
What are your achievements?
Don't just say it, display it!
Explain any gaps
include dates, modules, degree marks...
Make sure you sell yourself
Talk about activities, societies, positions of responsibility...
Your personal brand
Your total perceived value, relative to competitors, as viewed by your audience.

Elements of YOUR Brand:
Personal Appearance
Your USP

You must have something in common with people to connect.

When you make a connection to build your network, personalise the message so your connection is more likely to respond and keep it relevant.
Build your network
"Unlike Facebook and Twitter, friending and following people without knowing them is frowned upon. The idea is to build up a network of connections in a more organic way”
Making connections
Some groups are full of spam, but others are generally valuable. Join groups in your career sector, community or areas of interest.

You can also follow influential people, companies and channels.

Join Relevant Groups!
Get involved in discussions and ‘Like’, comment on and share posts, articles and news.

Posting updates helps you stay on your network’s radar and build your professional image. Mention your projects, professional books or articles, or events you’re attending.

The more you update the more you will get noticed on other people’s news feed.
Be active!
Other points
Claim your unique URL
To increase the professional results that appear when people search for you online, set your LinkedIn profile to “public” and create a unique URL
(e.g., www.linkedin.com/in/JohnSmith)
Profile Strength
All-star profiles are easier to find!
Endorsements and recommendations
How much time should I spend on LinkedIn?
Quality, not Quantity
Wrapping up...
Create an Impressive

Build a Network
Join relevant Groups
Why not book a LinkedIn profile check?
More resources:
Why do you think that is?
What groups should you join?
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