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HRM presentation

Alice Lin

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Amazon

Emphasis on Leadership
Customer Obsession
Invent & Simplify
Hire & Develop the BEST
Insist on the Highest Standards

Andrea Sotomayer
Delia Cao
Yu-Hsuan Lin

HR's Philosophy
Our goal is finding, developing and retaining the best and brightest people in the market
HR professionals act both tactically and strategically to maximize employee engagement and development

Innovation and customer obsession makes hard work inherently part of amazon’s DNA
At corporate headquarters, employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work. They will host musicians and authors for exclusive ‘fishbowl’ performances during lunch
They’ve accomplished so much since their first sale in 1995, but for them, it’s still Day 1
Many of the problems we face have no textbook solution,
and so we - happily - invent new ones.
- Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO
Emphasis on Innovation
A chance for young people
Undergrad career
MBA career
L & D
Health Care
Time Off
Savings Plans
Employee Stock
Relocation Assistance

Amazonian Benefits
Amazon employs more than 20,000 people across its 40US fulfillment centers and pays the full-time, permanent employees 30% more than what traditional retail store employees earn.
Real-estate and destination services
Packing, unpacking, and moving of your personal goods and car
Fully furnished, temporary housing, which will include maid service, utilities, and parking
Rental or real-estate tours to assist you with finding a new residence
A rental car until your personal car arrives
Relocation allowance to assist you with incidental expenses
Payment of part of the tax liability incurred with most of your taxable relocation expenses
Relocation Assistance
Relocation Assistance
University Recruiting
Fulfillment Recruiting
Military Recruiting
Customer Service Recruiting
Warehouse Associate Recruiting
Recruiting Program
Set up new leaders for success with tools and experiences!
Training & Onboarding for Operations Managers
One week
Operations Leadership Institute
Learn Amazon-specific skills
Get Equipped for a running start
Operations Leader Orientation
One week
Meet front-line associates in order to understand the scope of work and responsibilities of those they will be leading
Associate Experience Week
After 4 months of working in their positions
Amazon Seattle headquarters
Provide challenging and interactive courses
Learn skills for a successful career in Amazon
Planet of the Ops
Operations Leader Orientation
Associate Experience Week
Planet of the Ops
Training & Onboarding
Amazon’s Human Resources Teams:
“ We develop long term career paths
in line with Amazon‘s unique culture.”
Need nimble leaders!
Leadership Development Programs
30-month program
Three rotations
1st: HR Business Partner at a US fulfillment center
2nd and 3rd: Seattle, WA as an HR Specialist and an HR Business Partner supporting specific corporate business client groups
Human Resources Leadership Development Program
18-month program
Seattle, WA
Designed to prepare undergraduates for careers in Global Talent Acquisition and Human Resources
Talent Acquisition Development Program
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