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The Benefits of Using Google Apps for Education

No description

Matt OLeary

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of The Benefits of Using Google Apps for Education

What is Google Apps?
A suite of web based applications designed to make
and collaboration easier.

But what does this really mean?
There are many benefits to using
Gmail over other email clients.
Here are the top ten reasons for using it:
Lets take a closer look...
What are Google Docs?
In Google Docs you can create the following:
In a completely different way from what you're used to...
*** Demonstrate in front of the staff here**
Objectives of today's session:
To introduce GoogleApps by exploring the capabilities of
To redirect your old email.
Collaboration in real time is so cool. Check out this demonstration with a willing volunteer.
Forwarding emails from your
old email address to your
new one is as easy as 1-2-3!
G Calendar is a great way to
organise your life with reminders
and to co-ordinate meetings with
colleagues, parents and governers!
Simply click on a
day in the calendar
and add details.
You can also add a
time to set a reminder
Select edit event
to add more details.
Now, the really, REALLY
cool thing you can do with
G Calendar is to share it with
someone else!

What's written in Blue are my
what's written in
pink belongs to Ruth.
You can do this simply
by selecting 'Settings'
and entering in the Gmail
address of who you want
to send it to.
*A typical weekend
for me!
Now it's your turn!
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