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Want To Get Into College? Learn To Fail

No description

andrew felix

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Want To Get Into College? Learn To Fail

Want To Get Into College? Learn To Fail
Main Idea
"These days finding imperfections is like looking for a needle in a hay stack."
Main Idea
Students think that colleges want perfection but colleges don't expect that.
"Kids all over the world admit they are under pressure to be perfect."
Topic 7
The writer is trying to get the reader to believe that colleges do not want a perfect student, because the do not exist
Perez believes that students won't ever achieve perfection, it's their ability to push their failure to success that will get them into college.
"Allowing students to fail will allow them to learn, which will get them into college."
Failure can be a good thing. It lets students try again to achieve success.
Main Idea
Perez discussed how as a college admissions worker he wants to see more real stories and less GPA.
He is tired of "A+" students. He wants the real thing.
Perez explains how colleges don't expect perfection because it does not exist.
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