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NRC Library Induction 2015-2016

A guide to our resources and services

Angela Dynes

on 8 July 2016

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Transcript of NRC Library Induction 2015-2016

Where ?
Six Campus Libraries
Farm Lodge
Trostan Avenue
Why ?
When ?
What ?
How ?
Computers available with internet
access and various software

Computers must be
booked in advance

Computers are to be used
for college work only

Students must adhere to the
Acceptable Use Policy at all times

Computer activity may be monitored
Photocopying services are
available for all students.

2p per copy

A scanner is also available for your use.
Welcome to
All students are given a
print allowance in September.
Use this wisely!!!!

Wi Fi users may print using a memory pen.

Please remember colour printing is more expensive.

Photocopy & Scan
Bind & Laminate
50p per A4 laminate
From 50p per bound document
Various study areas
Our experienced library staff are always here to assist and advise.

Up to 4 books may be borrowed
Books may be borrowed for 1 or 2 weeks
Some NRC libraries have consultation/reference books
Loan renewals may be made in person/email/telephone provided the book has not been reserved
Inter-Library Loan service is available
Fines - 10p per book per day [Consultation books - £1 per day]
Journals can be borrowed for 1 week
Fines also apply to Journals

Click on the link

Click on the link
Please have your library card available when using the library facilities
Health and Safety
Thank-you for your time and attention

and we hope to....
Wi Fi in the Library
There are designated Wi Fi areas in all of the libraries.
Students can use any of the NRC six campus libraries
i-Discover - NRC Libraries discovery service!

A super fast way to access all of NRC libraries' information resources

Click on the link
Click on the link


*Our i-Discover online service also has a large number of Journals*
Library Books
Student replacement cards
cost £2
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