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Why Brandscreen

No description

Robert Manning

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Why Brandscreen

Ad Server Requests
Thank You!
Clean Fast & Effective
Brandscreen’s Media Trading Desk Platform is a “clean, fast and effective” DSP, say power-users, delivering total control over campaigns, a world-class infrastructure, and sophisticated algorithms that provide unmatched optimisation and intelligence.
Integrated with Zenovia Exchange
We process nearly 20 billion ad requests daily representing suppliers from 130 countries across display, video, and mobile channels. Our technology filters all of these requests for fraud and brand safety, then further enriches these impressions prior to placing them up for bid to our buyers. The result? More confident buying, vastly improved return on media investment, and reduced waste.
Real Time Media & Insights

With Audience Targeting, Facebook Exchange, Retargeting, Brand Safety, Private Marketplaces, data analytics, and the most local inventory across Asia, Brandscreen makes today’s modern Media Buyer into tomorrow’s Media Hero.
Our customer support and account teams win high praise from clients as fast, responsive and knowledgeable.

With support based in Sydney, New York and Singapore we can ensure that our customers are supported around the clock.
up to

First in Asia Pacific means a long history of learning about markets – with teams on the ground that make a difference.

We also have our engineers based in our Sydney office empowering us to work with clients to innovate & create exciting effective and market first solutions to drive return on investment for the clients spend.
Technology is at the heart of our business, and helps us consistently outperform the competition.

We also work closely with our partners to understand their changing needs and include them in developing our road map for new products
Local Knowledge
Brandscreen Team

Sydney, Australia
New York,

* Frequency, click capping, post-click tracking
* Geo targeting from country to zip
* Cookie targeting & re targeting
* Boolean keyword targeting
* Browser, line speed, and OS
* Mobile handset, carrier, and OS
* Hyper local mobile geo-targeting (GPS)


Supports industry-standard video advertising on the desktop, on mobile web, and in-app mobile.Flash video & expandable content.

VAST 1.0/2.0 support + Brightcove support
Integrated display, video, & mobile
Companion ad campaigns
Email templates, mirroring, roadblocks
In-app support for iOS and Android; SDKs

Rich Media, Video, Mobile Support

Ad hoc querying and reporting
Inventory forecasting
Graphical dashboard
Email and batch reporting
Excel, CSV, HTML, and PDF formats
Invoice exporting to financial system

Reporting & Analysis

Real-time 'tear sheet' display
Role-based authority control & logs
Multi-client security & 3rd-party access
Global blacklisting and EU privacy (AdChoices)
Workflow management & approval
Custom HTML & rich media templates

Security & Workflow

API enabling customer to integrate with in-house or third-party applications and data stores.
API for constructing and/or integrating:

Web services and portals
Proprietary data interfaces (e.g., enhanced targeting)
Special or consolidated reporting engines
Third-party billing and CRM systems

SOAP-based application programming interface (API)

This technology empowers users to optimize bidding strategies based on individual users and the signals that each send during their online activity. Depending on a buyer’s strategy, certain behaviors at certain sites or times of day may indicate favorable attributes that allow the buyer to buy with more confidence.

Unified User ID Technology
Market First - Programmatic Digital Out of Home

Transparent, Targeted and Tactical

Only purchase inventory that is inline with brand goals e.g. specific sites, days and times

Multiple efficiencies in the booking process

A truly multi screen digital brand strategy

Continuously expanding reach across dynamic outdoor display as traditional

outdoor media adapts to the changing market demands
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