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Dara Howell

No description

amy l

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Dara Howell

Dara Howell
Slopestyle skier

Personal life
Additional facts
Dara Howell
Height: 170cm
Origin of Dara's sport
Olympics 2014
Like every athlete, no career comes without challenges, troubles, and difficulties. Luckily, Dara has not had any severe injuries resulting in surgeries, or deep mental emotions problems. Dara is lucky to only encounter minor injuries (cramps, cuts, bruises etc.) and is trying her best to continue training that way. Dara always trys to push herself to new standards. As I mentioned, she will always have her parents to support her.
"My greatest inspiration is probably my Grandfather" said Dara "whose 89 and still skis every day in the winter. Just to see him get up and keep pushing himself, definitely inspires me to be a better person, and to keep pushing myself as well" answered Dara. She would also say that
Sarah Burke
is a huge inspiration to her. After the run, Dara said that she dedicated the run to Sarah Burke. Dara knew that canadian had to win it for Sarah.
By: Amy Li
The young freestyle skier was first on skis at only 18 months old. She switched to slopestyle after growing uninterested in figure skating and alpine skiing. Dara grew up as a ski racer in the Nancy Greene Program, however wasn't very interested. The average-A student graduated Huntsville High School in 2012. Dara's mother, Dee, and her father, Doug, are both very proud of her. Dara's greatest inspiration is her grandfather, Jack Howell.
Birth date: August 23 1994
Age: 19
Weight: 58 kg
Birth place and Hometown: Huntsville, Ontario
Sport: Slopestyle
Dara became interested in slopestyle, when she was surfing the internet (after, leaving figure skating and alpine skiing). She found a picture of her mother with
Sarah Burke,
who was

an amazing athlete who fought to get halfpipe and slopestyle an event for women. Immediately, Dara envied all the great things Sarah had done in slopestyle and wanted to be just like her. Dara began learning slopestyle at a local snow park. She has had success ever since.
and challenges
Dara came in 8th place at the World Ski Invitational Slopestyle held in Whistler. She was the youngest female competitor at 2012 Winter X Games held in Aspen, and finished in 6th place. Dara obtained a bronze at the 2012 Euro X Games in Tignes. She won her first FIS world cup in 2013 and captured a silver at the FIS world championships. At the 2011 Canadian National Championships, Dara earned 2 gold medals in her events, slopestyle and halfpipe. In addition, Dara winded up as 1st again at the pre Olympic Grand Prix in 2013, and received gold. Lastly, Dara finished in second place at the final Olympic Qualifier in Utah.
Dara trains with her 2 coaches, Toben Sutherland and JF Cusson. She practices new tricks and jumps daily, and tries to

prefect them.

Dara has trained at
Blue mountain Ski Resort in 2011
and attended
Momentum Ski Camp

2011 and 2010.

Also, at the World Ski event, Dara met her hero,

and received some advice from her.
On Febuary 11th, 2014 at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Dara competed in her event, Slopestyle. Great Sucess came and found Dara. This was Dara's very first Olympics, and everyone, including herself had good expectations for her. Now, team Canada's 4th gold medal goes to Dara Howell! Dara was on top, in both the qualification and final. Therefore, she boosted up, and landed in 1st place and took gold for Canada. She competed at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park and scored 94.20 in her final run. Fellow teammate Kim Lamarre finished 3rd and won another bronze medal for Canada. Unfortunately for Canada, Teammates Kaya Turski and Yuki Tsubota both took some serious falls.
Dara jumps in her final run, when she won her first FIS world cup.
Dara with her grandfather
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