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Christopher Columbus!

No description

Fairooz Zamaluddin

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus!

Christopher Columbus!
By: Fairooz

Do you guys know who Christopher Columbus is? He is one of my favorite explorers! He discovered, the Bahamas ( San Salvador), Hispaniola, Cuba and much more! I'll only focus on the Bahamas. He was looking for the quickest spice route to India. Since Christopher was very passionate about it, he started to sail west. He never knew that there were huge continents out there that nobody knew about. He thought that there were only bodies of water. This discovery added to the maps that only had 3 continents. So what are we waiting for? Let's get started!
What did Christopher Columbus discover in the Bahamas.
Now, let's focus on the second part of the question. What did he discover in the Bahamas? In the Bahamas as I mentioned in the previous slide the Arawak, Taino, and the Lucayan. But I will explain this further. Christopher Columbus discovered food from
the three tribes that was mentioned earlier. He also discovered the jobs they did. Like what women did, men did, children did etc. He even brought back some of the examples from the Bahamas. I will tell you more specific examples.
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Okay,lets think about the first part of the question. " Why did Christopher Columbus think he was in Asia when he was in the Bahamas?" Let me answer that question. His actual target was to go to India. He did not know that blocks of land covered the way and west was not the quickest spice route. What he did know that the world was round because if you imagine a ship going west and goes around, he will eventually end up near India. When he saw land he let his hopes too high. What he also thought that was wrong was that he estimated the world so small. Let's move on...
Christopher always had the dream to sail. He made
outstanding adventures!
Christopher Columbus
would never give up.
My Question: Why did Christopher Columbus
think he was in Asia when he was in the Bahamas?
What did he discover there?
Did you know...
Christopher Columbus discovered Tobago in San Salvador?
He also observed life on the Bahamas, women, men, how the eat, etc.
He went on four voyages but none of them were close to
India was popular for its riches.
Columbus found out that the world was round. (about 100 years after the Ancients Greek's found out)
This piece of land is called Hispaniola.
This is San Salvador.
This piece of land is Hispaniola!
This is San Salvador!
I noticed he was stereotyping because
by judging the people's skin, it matched
the description known as Indians.
That 's RUDE!
Christopher Columbus was interested in how he heard that India was heavenly. What he did not know that there are other lands like this (obvious). Since he saw the Bahamas and its land, he saw what he expected to be in India. Lush green trees, streaming rivers, beautiful mountains, ripe fruits etc. This made Christopher so convinced that he reached India. The indigenous people there were called the Lucayan, Taino and the Arawak.
This is the Arawak!
Thank you so
much for watching!
This is the Taino people!
Christopher Columbus grew in Genoa, Italy.
His father was a poor wool weaver. He was
born in 1451.He married Felipa Perestrello Moniz and had only one child named Diego.
As I will continue, I will tell more reasons that why Christopher Columbus thought he was in Asia. Nobody knew about the Bahamas. Not even Christopher Columbus! He thought none of these even existed. That's a reason he thought he was in Asia. He thought Asia was actually bigger than it is, so in Christopher's point of view, heading west for a couple of days, will eventually be ending at the right side of Asia. That was a good prediction but dam, was he wrong!
Christopher Columbus was looking for spices such as
cinnamon, black pepper, special type of leaves etc.
This is a fact!
Did you know that Vikings already discover lands like the
Bahamas, Hispaniola, Cuba, America? They kept it a secret when it came to finding new and wonderful land.
Columbus left with three ships,
Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria
This is the

The food that the people
ate were maize, potatoes,
yam, beans, pumpkins. The
people also made a bread from
The Arawak mens wore paint on their bodies.
They sometimes wore necklaces and grass skirts. Women also wore necklaces. They did not wear any shirts. Just a skirt. I will tell you what their job was.
Okay, now I will tell you
Okay I am going to tell you
the jobs that the people at the
Bahamas did. I'll talk about the
women first. They farm, weave,
prepare food and pottery making.
Now I'll tell you the jobs that the
men did. The men showed Christopher
how to make weapons, and tools for fishing.
What improved Christopher's curiosity is
why does all the bodies have scars on it?
Let's go further..
Try to compare these two pictures. Aren't they both beautiful? Well Christopher was
smart enough to imagine how India looked like. For some reason, the Bahamas looked just
like India! Cool! Literally that is also one of the fundamental
reasons that Christopher thought he was in India.
Christopher discovered that the natives had no steel or metal at the Bahamas
Christopher discovered how the natives made canoes.They made it with trees like oak, cedar, chestnut, and birch. It takes sometimes more than a week.
This is India
This is the Bahamas
Did you know....
He started sailing at the age of 13
When Christopher wanted to start sailing, he argued with people that west was the better way instead of east.
On his fourth voyage he was stranded in Jamaica for two years. Nobody offered him food. Christopher read in a book that on a specific day the sun will turn red. Christopher was smart to think about a plan. That plan was to tell the Jamaicans that if they don't give food he will turn the sun red. Well it happened and the Jamaicans never knew that it is supposed to happen anyway.
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