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Architectural Tectonics

No description

Zachary Hoyt

on 18 September 2011

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Transcript of Architectural Tectonics

Let me give you some perspective.... TECTONIC:
“the expressive potential of constructional techniques”
“poetics of construction”
“the art of joining” What does your definition include? You might include the criteria of "structural" or "architectural" in your definition. but that's just a small part! We all have our own fundamental understanding and local definition of the word "tectonic" Structural
rigid & durable
poetic composition Aldo RossI rigid and durable Classical Principles Addendum to View Classical Principles Challenged Tectonics Example: So.... But... [Heinrich Borbein 1982, in: KF 1995: 4] Kenneth Frampton "Duration and durability are the ultimate values" [Frampton, Studies in Tectonic Culture] "There is a spiritual value residing in the particularities of a given joint...a point of ontological condensation rather than a mere connection." [Frampton, Case for the Tectonic] KF describes Atectonic as "a manner in which the expressive interaction of load and support in architecture is visually neglected or obscured" [Frampton, Case for the Tectonic] "All architecture which does not express serenity fails in its spiritual mission." "the task of our time is to pcombine vitality with calm" [Frampton, Studies in Tectonic Culture] "This [case for the Tectonic] is not to deny spatial ingenuity, but rather to heighten its character through its precise realization." [Frampton, Case for the Tectonic] Santiago Calatrava Incorporates an efficient relationship to matter and energy "makes the relationship of matter and energy a fundamental precondition of architecture" "A universe defined by a fixed field and unchanging esseces has been superceded by a matter field that is defined locally only in and through its own interactions." "the recurrence of [form dictated by the universal structural law] expresses economic efficiency. " Matter & Energy must be Harmonious The Architecture is the Intervening Variable Emphasizes Efficient Design based upon Laws [Tischhamser, Calatrava Public Buildings] [Reiser, Atlas of Novel Tectonics] [Reiser, Atlas of Novel Tectonics] static seemingly flexible dynamic never imitate natural form biomimicry
forms "we are NOT alluding here to mechanical revelation of construction but rather to a potentially poetic manifestation of structure." [Frampton, Case for the Tectonic] Watercube Discussion Plenary Complex for the German Bundestag DeZeen Urban Furniture Archery Ranges
Enric Miralles & Carme Pinos Capital Gate, RMJM Architects discuss the tectonic China Central TV Headquarters Olympic Stadium, Munich Performing Arts Center StudioFormWork, Tectonics Competition Presented by:
Zachary Hoyt Frampton, Kenneth, “Rappel a l’ordre: The Case for the Tectonic”, in: Architectural Design 60, 3-4, 1990. Pp. 19-25.
FK, Studies in Tectonic Culture, Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press 1995 – EXCERPTS.
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