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Legend by Logan Davidson

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Legend by Logan Davidson

Legend by Logan Davidson
Main Characters
June- investigates her brothers death
Day- the worst criminal in the sector
Cammandor Jameson- is the boss of June and in charge of the military
Thomas- best friends with June but isn't at the end

The setting is this story is in the sector and in a very poor were skiz fights break out and can cause people to die people gamble to win they also live right next to the Military Base and next to the city where you can hear the jumbo trans singing the natinal anthem
On the top is the skiz fights they have on the top right corner is the military on the bottom left that is the book cover in the bottom middle is a big screen a on the bottom right is the nife that i think killed matetis
The main idea in this story is a girl that is an agent for the Rebublic fighting against the Patriots. She is investigating how her brother Metaitis died. They are in a very poor area right next to a lake where the water rises and flouds the area a lot so all the peoples made shift homes. I suggest that every one read this book.
Final Thoughts
My final thoughts are that this book is the second best book i have read and i think you should read this i give this book a four star rating. This book has many different twists and turns and i think you should read this amazing book.
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