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A Journey of Archetypes:City of Ember

No description

ryan melikian

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of A Journey of Archetypes:City of Ember

The Reward and the Road Back
The Ordeal
A Journey of Archetypes:City of Ember
Ryan Melikian, Stephanie Mejia, Michael Longfellow
The Ordinary World
The city in darkness is lit only by lightbulbs placed throughout the city
They are experiencing more and more frequent blackouts
The light itself is running out of time and the people fear.
Lina Mayfleet
Loss and Sacrifice
Deals with Death
Group Oriented Hero who leaves her society to travel outside and presumably reunites with them when instructions are thrown down.
Doon Harrow
Herald and Ally
Herald: Discovers door and path to outside the Ordinary World. He announces his message by stating that there are shortgages in everything and it will get worse if no one does anything.
Ally: Helps Lina decipher note and find a way out of the City of Ember. He acts as a 'waterhole' and information source when Lina first seeks to take apart the ruinned instrucitons.
The Call to Adventure
Herald's call:
Lack of food and resources is becoming a reality and soon there is no other option
Paper with cryptic message is recovered
Deciphering the paper acts as a guide out of Ember
Special World
The place beyond the City of Ember
More resources and a better quality of life
A place rumored for being full of light versus the failing lights of the Ordinary World
Refusal of the Call
The people in power deter Lina and Doon from finding clues and depreciate the importance of The Guardian's/Builder's instructions and act like Threshold Guardians much like Lizzie who turns Lina away.
Meeting with the Mentor
Lina meets with her friend, Clary Laine who:
Helps her understand the meaning of the note
Facilitates a breakthrough when Clary suggests that the missing word in the title is "Egress", as in, an exit from Ember
Time is running out. The threat of the lights turning off permanently has never been higher. Without power being Ember will crumble.
The discovery of a corrupt government that is stealing resources from the city and trying to keep the secrets of The Guardians to themselves for self gain.
Lina escapes the Mayor and gets the key from his necklace.
Doon and Lina complete the puzzle that make up The Guardian's instructions to get to the surface.
However, executing the plans prove to be difficult and threaten great danger to Lina and Doon.
Road Back
Lina and Doon decide to escape to the surface.
Sal, an expendable character, plays a significant role in their escape.
The road, aka the journey itself, is revisted when the instructions return to the beginning for another to follow.
The Resurrection and Return with the Elixer
The Resurrection:
Lina and Doon escape the underground successfully.
They're journey almost ends in tragedy as the propeller jams but Sal's help comes in handy and gets them over the obstacle.

Return with the Elixir:
Lina and Doon tie the instructions to save Ember to a rock that is thrown down to the city from the surface.
Fate would have it that Doon's father discovers it and knows exactly what to do with them.
Lina and Doon save the population of the City of Ember through those actions.
Crossing the First Threshold
The dedication to the adventure is made when Lina rescues the message and attempts to decipher it by asking around after rescuing the message from a sibling in dedication the Grandmother's dream.
Test, Allies, and Enemies
Through various ordeals here is a discovery of allies and enemies. A good example is Looper, who becomes an Enemy and Trickster after the attempt to decifer the message is made, as well as shapshifter Mayor, who is a good guy upfront but a thief behind the fascade when he is found to be hoarding precious food and orders the capture that leads to Lina being caught and delays the surfacing. Allies like the little sister Poppy assist in finding out the path to the Special World like finding the journal written by the original Ember citzen. Even Nammy Proggs who covers for Doon when he is on the run.
Approach to the Inmost Cave
The fear that the lit up world, that people dream of, is not true is found as they struggle to uncover the instructions from the Builders while being hunted and time runs low. They enter the metaphorical cave by leaving the city they have always known and into the world the Builders created as an exit.
Movie and Book Differences
In the movie, Doon finds and helps heal a huge moth. In the book, it is a worm.
In the movie, the man who ventures out beyond the city is arrested, while in the book, he tells his tale to anyone who will listen with no repercussions.
In the movie, Lina's grandmother dies during a blackout rather than in the middle of the night.
In the movie, while exploring the pipes, Doon and Lina are chased by a huge, underground mole.
These changes offer greater drama for a viewing audience in a movie theater. It helps the audience connect and sympathize with the characters.
Sul: not an actual character in book; known plainly as the old man in the generater room
Mrs. Murdo: In the book, she is the one to find the instructions delivered down.
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