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Clinical aspects of UMN & LMN lesions

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mina alemam

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of Clinical aspects of UMN & LMN lesions

By the end of this lecture:
Upper Motor Neurons and Motor pathways
Gaze plasy versus Extraocular paresis
Rubrospinal Tract
Pyramidal systems & Extra-Pyramidal system
Clinical aspects of UMN & LMN lesions
Dr. Mina (Internal Medicine-SCS)
Upper motor neuron & lower motor neuron lesions
Clustering of UMN or LMN lesions and common presentations
Psudobulbar plasy versus Bulbar plasy
Define UMN & LMN lesions
State the presentation of UMN & LMN lesions
Develop an approach in evaluating a patient presenting with limb weakness recognizing UMN & LMN presentations
List common disease presenting with UMN & LMN lesions.
vestibulospinal tract
Reticulospinal tract
Brain stem syndrome
Weber syndrome
Benedikt's syndrom
Millard-Gubler syndrom
Foville sydnrom
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