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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Amreet Grewal

Amreet Grewal

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Timeline Calculations 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Chapter 4 Because Geometry is not a Country somewhere near France Chapter 5 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Book Cover Prediction of the Book My prediction for the book is that it will be about
a Part-Time Indian. That but believes in being a Indian Absolutely. Also I think he is writing a diary on being a Absolutely True Part-Time Indian. I think it might about a Part-Time that is living in the modern days. The Part-Time Indian can also be a young boy that wants to be a Absolutely True Indian. His mom or dad might be an Absolute True Indian and he is a Part-Time Indian. Chapter 1 Black eye of the Month Club Sherman Alexie Why Chicken means so much to me Chapter 6 Go means Go Chapter 3 Revenge is my Middle name The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Author: Sherman Alexie He was born with a brain grease, a brain grease means there is water in his brain. His teeth got so crowded that he could barely even close his mouth When he got seizures he would get more brain damage He is 14 years old. He loved to draw cartoons because he wants to talk to the world. He draws for his mom and sisters. He feels important when he has a pen in his hand. He thinks he might become rich if he is a good artist. He got a brain surgery when he was 6 months old because he got a brain seizure. His best friends name was Rowdy. He had 42 teeth. Chapter 2 - He is a poor kid who lives with his family. - His friend Oscar got really sick - He wanted to help his friend Oscar out, he asked his mom and said we don't have enough money. - His mom can read the newspaper in 15 minutes. - His dad shot his friend Oscar. - His dad would love to be a musician, he plays a saxophone. - The bullets cost 2 cents. He was so sad that his friend just passed away. He thinks only his mom, sister and grandmother would miss him and nobody else would miss him. His dad drinks a lot. Rowdy spends all his time at my house said Junior, he like a another brother. Rowdy was a really brave guy and he always has protected me. Junior was born 2 hours before Rowdy. Rowdy fought everyone. Junior and Rowdy went to the Pow Wow. Junior tripped Rowdy as a prank and Rowdy took it seriously. Rowdy isn't a fast reader. Rowdy likes to read old comic books. Junior was 14, and it was his first day of high school. Junior sister didn't go to college after she was done high school. Mr. P sometimes forgets to come to school. He sometimes teaches in his pajamas. Agnes Adams is Juniors mom and she wrote her name in the book 30 years ago. Juniors mom was 30 years when she gave birth to Junior. He slept in the closet when he was 8, 9 and 10 because of the angles. Rowdy and Junior were excited for school because they wanted to play Basketball. Hope against Hope - Junior was suspended from school because he smacked Mr.P in the face. - Junior said he was aiming for the wall not for Mr.P - Junior hated Mr.P the second he said they were trying to kill the Indian Culture. - Juniors sister wanted to be a writer. She was nervous that people would make fun her for writing romance novels. - Juniors dad usually sits in the room quietly and watches Basketball. - Juniors sister lived in the basement. - Junior sat on the porch and thought about life. - White people have the most hope. - Junior wants to transfer schools. - His dad said we can't afford to move. - He wanted to move to reardan - His Parents wanted the best for Junior and his sister. - Reardan was a rich farm school. - The school had two Basketball fields. Chapter 7 Rowdy sings the Blues - The day after Junior decided he was going to transfer. - He wanted Rowdy to transfer with him. - Juniors parent's agreed. - Rowdy didn't believe Junior when he said he was transferring. - Junior was kind of scared of Reardan. - Rowdy called Junior a retard. - Rowdy punched Junior, and BANG Junior went on the ground and BANG Junior nose started bleeding. Sherman Joseph Alexie Jr, Was born on October 7, 1966. He is now a really good poet, writer, filmmaker, and occasional comedian. Most of his writing draws on his experiences as a Native American growing up on the Spokane Indian reservation.

Some of his best known works are The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (1994), are books on short stories, and Smoke Signals (1998), are films of his screenplay based on The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven.

His first novel, Reservation Blues, received one of the fifteen 1996 American Book Awards.[2] His first young adult novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, is a semi-autobiographical novel that won the 2007 U.S. National Book. His has a collection of short stories and poems. Chapter 8 How to fight Monsters - Juniors dad drove him 22 miles to Reardan. - Junior got $1 dollar from his dad for lunch. - Junior was surrounded with white kids. - Junior was allergic to almost every plant in the world. - Everybody was laughing at Juniors name. - Juniors actual name is Arnold Spirit Junior. - Roger told Junior a really racist joke. - Juniors new teacher was Mr.Grant. - Penelope was the first girl that Junior saw and really liked. - There was rule for fighting. Chapter 9 My Grandmother gives me advice. - Junior wishes Rowdy was still with him. - He told his Grandma about what happened. - Junior had to walk to school. - Junior was surprised that Roger didn't want to fight him. - Junior really loved his Grandma for giving good advice. - Roger really liked the bike that Junior came on. - Penelope ignored Junior. Chapter 10 Tears of a Clown - When Junior was 12 he fell in live with a girl, named Don. - Junior confessed to Rowdy that he fell in love with a girl, the night Rowdy slept over. - Rowdy was Juniors secret keeper. - The girl Junior likes is out of his League. - Junior starts crying easily. - Penelope liked Juniors costume. - Junior was dressed as a homeless guy. - Junior and Penelope's costumes were almost the same. - A few guys came and jumped on Junior. - Junior almost fainted when Penelope touched his bruises. - Junior still felt like a stranger from a strange land. Chapter 11 Halloween Chapter 12 Slouching toward Thanksgiving - Junior was walking around like a zombie. - Whenever Junior get lonely he gets a zit on face. -He sat by himself for lunch he played pass in the corner of the gym by himself because no white kids would hangout with him.
- Goedy was the class genius.
- Even the teacher treats Junior like an idoit.
- Junior waited 30 mintues for his dad, then he started walking
- He had to walk 22 miles.
- Junior sister got married to a ugly looking guy. - Juniors sister wanted 10 babies.
- Juniors parents were really disappointed at Juniors
- Junior and Gordy became friends (not best friends) - You have to read book to really
understand it. Chapter 13 My sister sends me a email - Dear Junior, my love at Montana is beautiful. You want to know something weird some of the towns at the rez are filled with white people. The best part is, there is a giant hotel where me and my hubby had our honeymoon. Th craziest part is on the menu there was fried bread, i ate it with fancy spoon and fork. It wasnt as good as grandmas. I love my life, I love my hubby and I love Montana. Chapter 14 Thanksgiving - We had Turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes it was a feast. - Junior never really understood why Indians celebrate Thanksgiving. - Junior missed Rowdy. - Rowdy would come over every
Thanksgiving. - Junior went Rowdys house. - Rowdy fingered Junior when he went over to his house. Chapter 15 Hunger Pains - Juniors history teacher was trying to teach them something about civil war, his history teacher is really boring.
- He got out of his class by saying he had to go to the bathroom.
- He heard weird noises form the girl's bathroom.
- Penelope isn't happy in life.
- Junior knocked on the girl's bathroom to see if the girl was okay but, the girl told him to GO AWAY
- It was Penelope who was vomiting.
- She chewed gum to try and not smell like vomit.
- Junior told Penelope to not give up.
- Penelope's dad is a racist.
- Penelope and Junior are better friends now.
- Penelope's dad doesn't like Junior at all.
- Penelope and Junior kissed and they've hugged each other few times. Chapter 16 Rowdy gives me advice about love - Penelope was shooting the ball and Junior was watching her play volleyball.
- Penelope's team was losing, the score was 12-0.
- He wished he was the volleyball.
- He almost fainted when she hit the ball.
- Junior emailed Rowdy.
- Junior told Rowdy that he was in love with a white girl.
- Rowdy didn't give me any advice.
- Gordy said Junior was a racist for loving a white girl. Chapter 17 Dance, Dance, Dance - Junior was half indian in one place and half white in one.
- Penelope made Junior feel good all the time.
- Juniors parents were trying really hard to make money because Junior needed money for lunch.
- To make a lot of money you had to work at the casino.
- Junior took Penelope to the Winter Dance but he only had $5.
- Junior told Penelope he would meet her at the gym.
- Junior had to wear his dads suit.
- Penelope yelled OMG when she saw Junior coming in, that suit is so beautiful.
- It was Junior's best night ever.
- Junior and Penelope forgot to get there photo taken.
- Junior gave a little kiss to Penelope on the cheek.
- Penelope ran and gave Junior a hug.
- At the diner, mid way Junior went to the washroom.
- Everyone thought Junior and Penelope were a great couple.
- Junior wanted to join basketball.
- Junior told Roger he was getting sick because he forgot his wallet.
- Roger gave him $40.
- Roger dropped off Junior and Penelope at school.
- Junior told Penelope he was poor.
- Penelope kissed Junior on the lips.
- Roger was like a brother to Penelope. Chapter 18 Don't trust your computer - Junior emailed a picture of his face to Rowdy.
- Rowdy sent back a picture of his butt.
- Junior told Gordy that his best friend hated him because he left the rez.
-Junior compared himself to an apple. Chapter 19 My sister sends me an letter - Junior sister is still looking for a job.
- Juniors sister is living in a different house now.
- She told Junior to tell mom, dad and everyone else that I say Hi! Chapter 20 Reindeer Games - I almost was not going to try out for the basketball team.
- Juniors dad made Junior join the basketball team by telling his and his wife's story.
- Juniors dad had moved to the rez when he was 5 years old.
- Juniors mom is eight years old then Juniors dad.
- Juniors coach said he will be cutting of 16 players form the team.
- Everyone had to run 100 laps first thats when 4 guys got cut off.
- Then evryone had to play full court 1 on 1, it was torture.
- Roger beat Junior easily, when they played 1 on 1.
- Junior and Roger played another game thats when Junior beat Roger.
- Everyone was looking at them playing.
- Junior then thought he was going to get picked for sure.
- Coach said Junior was the best shooter.
- 2 weeks later they went for a game at a high school.
- Everyone was chanting "Arnold sucks'' which was Juniors rez name.
- Junior saw Rowdy at the other end of the court.
- Junior got mad at the workout.
- Half way through the game it was a tie game.
- Junior didn't get to play thought out the whole game.
- Junior had to get 3 stitches on the forehead.
- Rowdy was given a technical foul.
- Reardan won by 30 points.
- Junior ended up with a minor concussion.
- Juniors coach stayed with Junior at the hospital and shared secrets. Chapter 21 A Partridge in a pear tree - When the holidays came Junior's family didn't have enough money to buy presents.
- Juniors dad takes the money he has and goes to get drunk.
- Juniors dad came back after New Year's Day.
- Junior's dad told Junior he had a present for him in his boot.
- He looked and it was 5 dollars.
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