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Jayden Miller

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Jayden, Meg, Zac and Jian-Cheng Experiments in Space Question 1: Question 2: Question 4: Question 3: 1. What are some examples of experiments conducted on the ISS? (International Space Station)
In some experiments, astronauts study tiny microbes on the ISS to see if microbes could live in space. Another experiment done is space is comparing crystals grown in Earth and in space; crystals grown in space have fewer imperfections. Astronauts also study fluid physics, space-time, and animal biology. What do scientists hope to learn about life in space?
Scientists hope to learn about medicine reactions in space vs earth, counter muscle atrophy and why red blood cells are made and cleaned from the body at different rates in space. Also, scientists have figured out that aliens could exist on the earth and they are among us and in space. Lastly, scientists are wondering how we can travel faster in space, how does a body change in space, how can fish swim in microgravity, can bees make honey in space, and can ant farms exist on the Space Station. How do scientists perform controlled experiments in space?
Controlled experiments don’t truly have a variable because the variable is microgravity. Scientists do the experiment a few times on the ground and in space. All experiments have to be done in the exact same way or else the scientist won’t be able to find results. Name 2 findings that have emerged from experiments done in space.
Scientists have found that growing protein crystals in space have helped them create better treatments for many diseases that currently have no cure. Also, studies in micro and hyper gravity have helped scientists understand the affects of gravity in space on the human body. Crystals grown in space have fewer imperfections and an astronaut can lose up to 20% of muscles in 5-11 days on space flights. Scientists have also figured out that there are no black holes in space with the help of Lawrence Livermore. Lastly, the arsenic bug, and signs of ancient water on mars have been discovered.
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