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Child Hood

No description

laura dowdy

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Child Hood

Sherman took over Atlanta. He destroyed anything in his path. He led 100,000 men into the southern city of Atlanta. He had a lot more men than General John Hood who only had 51,000 men, which is why he won. After he took over Atlanta, he took over Savannah.
Therefore, he was a really mean and bad man. He did bad stuff to his own side. He also took over to cites! So hopefully there are no more Sherman’s in the world.
Sherman fell in love with one of Ewing’s daughters “Ellen”. On May 1 1850, Ellen and Sherman got married. After the wedding, Sherman served as captain of the subsistence departments in St. Louis Missouri and New Orleans Louisiana. He resigned in 1853. They had their first eight children “Maria & Mary.
Sherman was born in Lancaster Ohio the 6th of 11 children. Sherman was only nine years old when his dad died unexpectedly. The oldest of her children got moved to one of her friend’s house because they thought he was the best choice since her friend had her older daughter “Mary Elizabeth”. He spent 4 years at West Point and graduated in 1840.
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