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Presentation for a video installation

Ricardo Nazario

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Gifs

Gif Dance Concept The concept was inspired by a simple notion that caught me while I was engaging in the ultimate manifestation of procrastination: Stumbleupon.

I was listening to Talking Heads and encountered the now popular GIF of Glenn Close acting drunk at the Golden Globes. These two entirely different and unrelated things mashed together in a way that seem completely deliberate. It even felt as if Glenn Close was imitating David Byrne. Further Research and Development I saw a few other GIFs with different music and noticed the different effect of even the same GIF with two different songs.

Then I encountered http://gifsound.com/ and was not surprised that this idea had been played on before me, so I decided to elaborate it.

In a similar way to blogs such as #how do i put this gently, or #what should we call me, I wanted them to interact with each other. The difference however, would be that I would employ that idea in real time. Setup The setup requires two projectors, playing perpendicular from each other on two different walls: the south wall and east wall Capturing the GIFs The simplest way to capture the GIFs to import them into Final Cut, was to screen capture them using Quicktime Video Sync Synchronizing two videos from different sources is not very straightforward, and it is crucial for maximum effect. Simply hitting play in time didn't feel like a great idea. MultiScreener MultiScreener, a free patch for MAX provides the
capability to synchronize two videos through different outputs via Wi-Fi.
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