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self healing

No description

Snehesh Patil

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of self healing

what does self reconfigurable ROBOT really means
Self reconfigurable robot
till 2013
when a device was found faulty or damaged..
This presentation is introducing the self reconfigurable robot which itself is one of the application of the following self healing techniques :-
like a broken hard-disk
before methods which we did...
diagnosis of the device
replacement of the device or of specified parts.
throw it and order a new one
..(major disadvantage)
this all were older ones...
in 2014
this are the available techniques in
self healing system
1. self healing technique by using metal capsules
Suitable mechanism
polymeric self-healing
2.polymeric selfhealing techniques.
3.self reconfiguring by using suitable mechanics.
This technique can be used to heal the defective track in ic's used in robot hardware
This technique can be used to heal some broken part of robot which must be polymer in nature
There are various connecters which helps in reconfiguring :
1.SINGO connecter.
The Results of Single-end-operation :-
The Results of Single-end-operation
The Results of Single-end-operation
Different phases of robot to eliminate faults occurred :
No human intervention
It is autonomous.
Techniques takes place only after a damage.
Durability is good.
originality of device remains intact
tensile strength is good
mechanism takes place in a flash.
healing mechanism can happen only once.
cant handle extreme environment.
The structure and hardware of

self healing robot
Applications of robot
Such a reconfigurable robot can be used and
applied to serious real-world applications such as sustainable space exploration,
homeland security
The robot can change configurations to enable
different modes of locomotion, such as
slither, crawl, walk,
run, roll, climb, dig,
bury, swim, fly, hover.

And different tasks, such as
delivering payloads,
gathering data,
Block diagram showing the reconfiguring process of robot
Althought the possibility of autonomous self-modeling has been suggested, it has much to perfect.
The robot's abilities suggest a similarity to human thinking as the robot tries out various actions to figure out the shape of its world.
This explains that the future machines may be able to periodically detect changes in thier own morphology or structure.
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